Green Cities

An Earth Day Event Canceled? No Way!

We recently read about a town that decided they would not plan their annual Earth Day event this year. Obviously, this seems ridiculous to us. So silly, in fact, that it inspired this Seussian response. — Stef McDonald

You’re canceling Earth Day?
Is this what I hear?
Why won’t you mark it —
On this very year?

The earth is still warming,
The seas, they still rise.
You can see it all,
with your own very eyes.

Come on, dear friends.
The earth cannot wait.
With this winter we had,
Do you want to test fate?

Your citizens will come out,
If your event is made fun.
Have a garden party,
Or a recycling run.

Don’t give up now!
Make a smile of that frown!
The community will thank you —
When you green up your town!

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