Take Action

Reach your Representative

Every elected representative — from a local official to a national leader — should put their constituents’ needs first. Tell yours that the health of people and the planet should be the top priority.

Delays marked the start of the coronavirus crisis. In spite of every scientific indicator warning to act quickly, some leaders spent precious days, weeks and months in denial.

We’ve missed decades worth of opportunities for climate action, too. Now, we’re running out of time for mistakes.

Other leaders burst into action, making strong choices based on the best science available. They set a new standard. You should call them, too, and let them know that’s what you want to keep seeing.

You can help to set the agenda for your representative. If you tell them that you want them to protect people based on proven science and good policies for the planet, they’ll listen. If you tell them the same thing a week later and get a few friends to say the same, they’ll know that their standard has changed.

And if they don’t listen to you? Pledge to vote for someone else who will take you seriously.