Young Earthpreneurs Awards

The Young Earthpreneurs Awards initiative (YEA) was launched by Earth Day Network India in 2022. It aims to inspire and empower young entrepreneurs worldwide to turn their creative ideas into successful business models that address urgent environmental concerns. With this opportunity, we hope youth will harness their enthusiasm and ingenuity to develop profitable ventures that promote sustainable development.

YEA is more than just a rewards program. It’s a movement that aspires to develop a new generation of leaders who are committed to building a sustainable future for all. To facilitate this, YEA provides favorable opportunities for youth to test out their planet-friendly ideas.

We call on college students and recent graduates innovative thinkers to submit ground-breaking concepts that support a green economy and tackle climate change. They will have the opportunity to receive feedback from mentors and get recognized through this program. Following two prosperous cohorts held only for Indian citizens, YEA 2024–25 is expanding to reach those in all of South Asia.

Eco-innovators who participate stand a chance to receive enabling training that includes sessions on financing mechanisms, marketing strategies, and more.

Your idea could be the spark that leads to benefits for the environment. Come test it out.

Apply now for the Third Cohort:

‘Earthpreneurs vs. Plastics’ is this year’s YEA topic. It resonates with the global Earth Day 2024 theme – ‘Planet vs. Plastics’. The theme calls upon the reduction of plastic production, the development of bio-degradeable alternatives to plastics, managing waste plastic, and widening and deepning awareness about the negatives of plastics.

The Young Earthpreneurs Awards (YEA) is open to university/college students and recent South Asian graduates who have innovative ideas to address environmental challenges.

The last date for receiving applications is August 21, 2024 (World Entrepreneurs Day).

Categories for 2024-25:

Applicants can choose from the following categories for their applications.

  • Alternates to Plastic (Planet vs. Plastics)
  • Sustainable Lifestyle (LiFE)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Restoration/Expansion of Natural Resources
  • Promotion of Climate Education, Literacy
  • Youth Mobilization and Network to End Plastics
  • Water Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environmental Justice
  • Waste Management