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What kind of student activist are you?

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Student activists led the first Earth Day and every Earth Day after it. Their voices set a vision for a future that's fairer, greener, and brighter for everyone. Take our quiz to find out what sort of activist you are, and then check out Campus Coalition and our Education Resource Library for more ways to get involved.

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What is your go-to study spot?

What environmental organization are you most likely to be a part of?

What is your favorite environmental subject?

What are you most likely to be doing on a weekend?

What picture do you vibe with most?

What is your favorite plant based item?

What is your favorite niche environmental activity?

Where would you like to work in the future?

Which environmental word makes you feel most passionate about the earth?

How do you feel about civic engagement on your college campus?

What kind of student environmental activist are you?

You got Madelyn! You are probably a hardcore vegan.... and you love to tell everyone you meet about that! You love Yerba Mate, Kombucha, and most plant-based milks. You are very extroverted, but at the same time love to immerse yourself in nature. You probably want to study international relations and live in a European country in the future because you love to learn about the global impacts of the environmental movement.

You got Jordan! You LOVE making connections with other people, and are probably the first person to sign your club(s) up for sustainability networking events. You love politics and policy, and one of your favorite activities to do is to attend meetings with the student affairs office to tell them about your next great plan for an environmental initiative. On the weekends you are probably leading a protest or relaxing in a coffee shop listening to Lady Gaga and spilling tea about the other environmental clubs on campus.

You got Alex! To some you may seem a bit mysterious, but in reality you are the most helpful person in the entire environmental science department! You LOVE composting, and as a result are friends with everyone in the facilities department. You are probably also one of the most helpful people ever, and if there is ever any problem you will be on the job to help them solve it. What makes you the most interesting is that you are one of the founders of the on-campus beekeeping club!

You got Caroline! You probably love service more than most people! As part of the environmental club(s) you are in, you have coordinated a food recovery network, and love to buy organic produce and plants from your local farmers market. You volunteer at a nearby elementary school, and love to teach the kids about sustainability. And afterwards, you love to tell your friends about your experiences with them. You also are a huge advocate for environmental justice, and love to educate others about what they can do to support this movement.