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The Tie Between Environmentalism and Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen who risked their lives in battle. Being environmentally friendly on Memorial Day is a great way to commemorate those that fought for our country. In this blog, you will learn the origin of Memorial Day and ways to practice sustainability.


It all started back in 1865 in Charleston, South Carolina. When formerly enslaved people paid their respects to dead Union soldiers buried in Confederate prison camps. Newly freed individuals unearthed the Union bodies to give them a proper burial as gratitude for their freedom. A parade occurred during the first Memorial Day celebration; 2,800 African-American children led 10,000 individuals who celebrated military services.

Many suffered during multiple wars; however, there is a lot unsaid as to who particularly suffered the most. Many African-Americans soldiers were chosen to be stationed on the front lines causing them to be at higher risk of being attacked than White individuals. This is associated with climate disruption, where there is a system of oppression that creates myriad forms of injustice, including racial, ethnic/indigenous, gender, and economic.

Environmental Movement

Where does environmentalism play a role in these types of issues?

Citizens in first-world countries consume more fossil fuels per capita. The environmental movement that correlates to climate issues primarily affects Brown, Black, and poor individuals locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. This year, there are ways to celebrate Memorial Day for forgotten individuals by increasing awareness about social/environmental issues worldwide.

Practicing Sustainability

Concerns are constantly growing regarding the environment’s health, so why not help keep it clean during Memorial Day, especially when you can tie awareness of fallen martyrs and sustainability.

Plant a Gift

Trees are natural carbon reducers. Planting a tree will help honor those that sacrificed their lives while adding additional health to the environment.


Pay attention to memorials, parks, or landmarks that may be littered or overgrown with weeds. You could pick up the litter or weeds to help those areas stay pristine and healthy.

Fresh Food

Buying food from the farmer’s market is a great way to stay green on Memorial Day. Instead of cooking meat that uses gallons of water and energy, you can opt for plant-based ingredients.


On Memorial Day, consider grilling with propane gas, natural gas, or solar energy. Using these alternatives will reduce air pollution.


Are you going on a trip? If so, try carpooling with a family member or friend. However, if you have to fly, offset your travel by purchasing carbon offsets.


Staying proactively sustainable this Memorial Day weekend will minimize the waste and reduce your carbon footprint. It is a way to help those in third-world countries and lower-wealth communities while acknowledging the forgotten fallen soldiers by spreading awareness of social, economic, and environmental issues.


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