Climate Action

The Learning Climate: Help the Senate Advance Climate Education!

Right now the Senate is voting to revamp the sweeping No Child Left Behind Act. Senator Markey (D-MA) has introduced an important amendment to include more funding for climate change education!  His Climate Change Education Act states that “the evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and undeniable.” Let’s help make this a reality! The amendment sets up a federal program to improve climate education by broadening the understanding of human-induced climate change, providing learning opportunities for climate science education for all students, and emphasizing actionable information. At the same time, Senator Wicker (R-MS), a climate change skeptic, is pushing an amendment to provide states with materials outlining the “natural causes and cycles of climate change.” This amendment obscures the scientific consensus on the human causes of climate change. Too often we have seen politicians try to push back or block climate education. We need to equip our students with information on climate change so that they can be leaders in tomorrow’s green economy. Let’s act now and show our overwhelming support to Senator Markey’s Climate Change Education Act! Tell your senator to support the Climate Change Education Act NOW! Johanna Bozuwa, Director of Education