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Still Buying Pens?

Pens are something that has been part of our lives since we were kids. We get a pen, we write stuff, it runs out of ink, and it goes in the trash. From offices, to schools, to homes that is the same fate of each and every ballpoint pen. This produces an immense source of waste in the workplace and at home. Not only is it damaging to the environment, as not all of those used pens are properly recycled, it is also not economically efficient. There is a simple solution to this wasteful problem, and that is something we already have, the fountain pen. Before the era of mass production, writing utensils were something to be cherished and maintained. It was the mark of a scholar to have a masterful command of the pen and today, this classy and timeless tool can be a great display of character. Fountain pens are designed to last a long time and can be refilled. Their longevity makes them the perfect alternative to ball point pens. Today, we seem to take no value in losing a pen due to their disposable nature, yet as problems with waste become ever more prevalent, it’s time we consider a beautiful yet simple alternative. Rather than something that is meant to be tossed away, the pen should be an expansion of you, as though an accessory like a watch or a necklace. It’s only fair since the pen is the ultimate symbol of expression and knowledge. While the fountain pen will cost significantly more than a ball point pen, if well maintained, you’ll never have to buy another pen again.   Jackson Fang, Intern