Climate Action

Share a Ride, Plant a Tree

The theme of Earth Day 2014 is Green Cities. So what exactly are we supposed to do to make our cities green? We can start with transportation. That means transforming our public transportation systems so that they’re accessible, convenient, and run on clean fuels. It also means making our cities more walkable and bikeable—with protected bike lanes, plenty of public green space, and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Finally, it means switching over to electric, hybrid, and other eco-friendly vehicles and relying on ride-sharing, rather than driving alone. This Earth Day and throughout the year, Earth Day Network partner Uber is working to encourage eco-friendly transportation and ride-sharing. Tomorrow—Earth Day—for every customer who uses the Uber app’s fair split ride-sharing feature, Uber will donate $1 to our Canopy Project, allowing us to plant one tree. Share a ride. Get access to tons of eco-friendly ride options, and donate $1 to plant a tree. What could be more environmentally-friendly than that? To participate: 1. Grab a friend 2. Request a ride 3. Fare split (Not sure how it works? Check out this blog post.) 4. It doesn’t cost you an extra penny, but our friends at Uber will donate $1 from your ride to plant a tree. 5. Share a ride. Help the Earth breathe a little easier.