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EARTHDAY.ORG Unveils Winners of the ‘Your Art, Our Earth’ Poster Competition

Washington, D.C. (February 22, 2024 )- EARTHDAY.ORG, the driving force behind the global celebration of Earth Day and the leading advocacy group championing climate education for students worldwide, is proud to announce the two winners of the Your Art, Our Earth poster competition. 

This past October, EARTHDAY.ORG invited students across the US to visualize our theme for Earth Day 2024, Planet vs. Plastics. A panel of judges, including the award winning actress and Co-Founder of Make It Cute, Amanda Seyfried, chose two exceptional winners.

Luke Pohl-Bogdan, age 8, from Darnestown, Maryland, won the 5-17 age category while Teague Smith of Timberline High School won the 18+ category. All of the submissions brought to life our theme in unique ways, but Luke and Teague demonstrated a special understanding of the urgency needed to tackle the global plastics crisis.

“Teague’s poster is a poetic depiction of how the ocean’s innocent creatures are suffering the impacts of our catastrophic waste,” said Amanda Seyfried. “Luke’s poster packs a punch (pun intended) with no doubt plastics are a serious threat to our Earth. Both of them serve as poignant reminders of the critical need for action to protect our planet and its precious ecosystems.”

“It made me really proud to win the poster competition as this is the start of my artistic journey,” said Luke, “Plastics are destroying Earth and harming animals. We must act before Earth becomes a big waste pile. I like to draw action cartoons and we need action to save Earth from plastics.”

To view Luke’s poster, click here.

“I chose to spotlight the oceans in my poster because they’re disproportionately affected by plastic pollution,” Teague explained. “Plastics present a significant threat to our planet’s ecosystems, emphasizing the urgent need for action. Winning the Your Art, Our Earth competition is an  honor.”

To view Teague’s poster, click here.


EARTHDAY.ORG’s founders created and organized the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. Since then, EARTHDAY.ORG has mobilized over 1 billion people annually on Earth Day, and every other day, to protect the planet. EARTHDAY.ORG’s mission is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Learn more at EARTHDAY.ORG. It’s not a day, it’s a movement.

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