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Earth Day Network India Announces Partnership with Kabadiwalla Connect for the Great Global Cleanup Heroes Campaign

Washington D.C. (February 2, 2024)- In honor of India’s 75th Republic Day, Earth Day Network India (EDN) has announced their partnership with Kabadiwalla Connect (KC) to enhance the effectiveness of the Great Global Cleanup Heroes campaign for Earth Day 2024. 

Leveraging Earth Day Network India’s broad global influence and Kabadiwalla Connect’s proficiency in informal waste management, this collaboration has given rise to a resilient model for the efficient collection and recycling of plastic waste in urban settings.

“The collaboration will work to develop learning models that equip citizens with the knowledge and skills to effectively partner during cleanups with local kabadiwallas (waste managers) to ensure the proper segregation and repurposing of collected plastic waste,” said Siddharth Hande, the CEO of Kabadiwalla Connect. “The model will be integrated into cleanups conducted in different countries. To begin with, in India and Indonesia.”

“We are privileged to join hands with KC, an organization that has earned global accolades for helping decentralize waste management solutions and technology for cities in the developing world – all powered by the informal sector,” said Karuna Singh, EARTHDAY.ORG’s Regional Director of Asia. “The global theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs. Plastics– urges humanity to call for an end to plastics, fostering the development of affordable and readily available biodegradable alternatives. Our partnership with KC will play a crucial role in achieving these goals.”

About Kabadiwalla Connect:

Kabadiwalla Connect is a social enterprise helping integrate informal waste pickers, scrap shops, and other informal warehouses into the formal waste management system in the Global South. By incorporating technology into the traditional kabadiwalla system, the company aims to enhance the livelihoods of waste collectors and informal scrap-shop businesses while also addressing environmental concerns and fostering a more sustainable and circular economy in India.

About Earth Day Network India: 

EARTHDAY.ORG is a global leader in diversifying, educating, and activating the environmental movement, boasting over 150,000 partners in nearly 192 countries. Earth Day Network India, a registered trust inspired by EARTHDAY.ORG, extends programs to diverse demographics, reaching from grassroots to policymakers across 192 countries, including India. The outreach expands to encompass all of South and Southeast Asia. Learn more at EARTHDAY.ORG.

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