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Earth Day Network announces Indian actress Juhi Chawla as an Earth Day Network Ambassador in India

WASHINGTON, DC — Earth Day Network, the global organizer of Earth Day, announces Indian actress Juhi Chawla as an Earth Day Network Ambassador in India. 

In addition to acting as global organizer for Earth Day events, Earth Day Network works year-round to promote environmental action, with tens of thousands of partners in 192 countries. The organization leads campaigns in global reforestation, climate and environmental literacy and biodiversity protection.

In her remarks, Chawla said: “As an Earth Day Network Ambassador, I will lend my voice to encourage people, in particular my many well-wishers, to contribute their part for a cleaner, greener and less-polluted Earth. The current pandemic is proof that we cannot continue denigrating the planet. It is now time to ‘Restore Our Earth,’ the ongoing Earth Day Network theme, which I think is so apt to focus efforts on. I am a committed environmentalist and will continue to do my bit by promoting chemical-free farming, working to get sports stadiums go single-use plastic free, and more.”  

Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network said: “On behalf of Earth Day Network, I welcome Ms. Juhi Chawla as our Ambassador in India. We are so delighted that she has agreed to take on this role. Ms. Chawla has a voice that is heard loud and clear by millions, not just in India, but across continents. Her role as Ambassador will definitely make a substantial difference in our race to stymie uncontrolled climate change.”

Karuna Singh, regional director of Asia for Earth Day Network said: “Earth Day Network is very grateful that Ms. Chawla is taking on the role of Ambassador. We look forward to her guidance to help build Earth Day Network’s mission to ‘Restore Our Earth.’”


About Juhi Chawla: Juhi Chawla Mehta is an Indian actress and film producer. Chawla has worked predominantly in Hindi language films, in addition to Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and Kannada language films. A leading actress of Bollywood, Chawla has garnered particular praise for her comic timing and on-screen persona. She made her acting debut in 1986 with the movie Sultanat, and received public recognition for her movie Qyamat se Qyamat tak, where she won the prestigious Filmfare award for Best Female Debut.

About Earth Day Network: The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network ‘s goal is to build environmental democracy and to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement

For additional information:

In the U.S., contact Denice Zeck, [email protected]

In India, contact Karuna Singh, regional director, Asia, [email protected], +919831356476