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April 27, 2011

Over 250 Communities in 46 States are Building a Green Economy

As part of Earth Day Network’s Global Day of Conversation Campaign

Washington, DC — From Oregon to Alabama, over 800 governors, mayors, and city council members from large and small cities in 46 states took part in conversations with their constituents to identify best practices to green their economies and create new jobs. The Nevada State Senate marked the 41st Earth Day on April 22 by passing four pieces of green legislation designed to protect the environment and promote the development of the green economy.  One bill, SB182, promotes the growth of the solar energy industry in Nevada by removing strict metering requirements, providing more flexibility to consumers.  Another bill, SB281, requires the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to incentivize purchases of environmentally friendly electric vehicles that reduce carbon emissions. “The legislation passed today protects the environment and promotes economic growth,” said State Senator Mike Schneider. “Nevada has a bright future as the front runner in the green economy, and today we are one step closer to leading the nation in developing clean energy.” On April 23 in Eugene, Oregon, residents participated in a forum on the carbon footprint of the city’s transportation system hosted by County Commissioner Pete Sorenson.  Panelists answered questions about the legislature-mandated greenhouse gas analysis of local light transportations systems. “Local and state leaders are doing the hard work to build their own green economies, with innovative solutions and bipartisan support, and we’re pleased they chose Earth Day to reinvigorate their efforts,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network. “They realize that preserving the environment presents opportunities for innovation and investment that can grow new, high-quality jobs.  The commitment to a clean energy economy that these Global Day of Conversation events demonstrate serves as a call to action for world leaders to support building green economies.” Mayor Tim Kant of Fairhope, Alabama spoke to residents at the Earth Day Mobile Bay celebration on April 23. Mayor Kant, along with four other mayors from Mobile Bay and Baldwin Counties came together to celebrate Earth Day one year after oil from the BP spill washed up on the Alabama coast. Topics at the Global Day of Conversation events included energy efficiency, water conservation, transportation, and how municipalities can create economic opportunity through green jobs and clean industry.  These conversations showed the commitment of communities to grow the green economy in 2011 and beyond. Discussions also took place in cities and counties as diverse as Maui County, Hawaii; Sandpoint, Idaho; Lincoln, Nebraska; Corpus Christi, Texas; and North Miami, Florida. For over 40 years, Earth Day has served as a launching pad for community action in sustainable development.  In 2011, Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® campaign, has counted over 102 million Acts that engage officials and community residents around the world in making a commitment to create a healthier planet. About Earth Day Network Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement, driving action year-round.  Earth Day Network does this through advocacy, education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.  Earth Day Network mobilizes over one billion people in 192 countries with the help of our 25,000 partners. Earth Day is collaborating with Facebook to engage people worldwide in environmental action through the Billion Acts of Green® campaign.  The two organizations worked together to create a new application or “app” that is inspiring people around the world to take actions to reduce their impact on the environment.  The app can be found at To find out more information about Global Day of Conversation events, please go