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Obama’s Move to Limit Power Plant Emissions is a Breath of Fresh Air

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 27, 2012 Contact: Bryan Buchanan (202) 518-0044 x 14, [email protected]

Obama’s Move to Limit Power Plant Emissions is a Breath of Fresh Air Statement of Kathleen Rogers, President, Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network applauds the EPA and Obama administration for taking a strong step forward in their commitment to clean air and the protection of the health of Americans. The Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants is literally a breath of fresh air. Never before have there been national limits on carbon pollution from future power plants, and these new standards will further the goal of creating a cleaner environment and safer energy sector. Since 2009, greenhouse gas pollution has been officially designated as a threat to human health and the environment, and this new standard will help to limit exposure to this harmful pollutant, which has been shown to lead to long-lasting climate changes. These climate changes would be particularly detrimental to the elderly, children, and those with heart and respiratory problems. Now, any power plants built after 12 months from the issuance of this rule will be required to meet these standards, which are flexible, achievable and in line with  the already-emerging trends in the energy sector. This commitment to clean air and the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution will ensure that Americans and their children will be able to breathe easy in the future.


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