End Plastics

Mwewa Enock: Earth Day Network Africa ambassador raising awareness to ban single use plastics


I am a multi passionate person, I’m quite adventurous, I love exploring places and just admire earth’s biodiversity. Glad it’s everywhere I go. Books are something I love to read. I also enjoy capturing beautiful sites, however environmental problems are constantly ruining the picture.

Recycling, Del Report


There’s over 99 problems that our earth is going through but to me plastic pollution stands out. Plastic pollutes our oceans and soon enough there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Plastic also ruins our soil quality making it harder for crops to yield eventually emptying our food baskets. Chronic diseases continue to be on the rise and plastics are guilty of playing a hand in this. Apart from all that plastics fuel global warming.

Recycling, Del Report


Lucky enough amidst all these problems, there are tried and tested solutions that work. Reduce, reuse, recycle and also refuse plastics. I feel we could put a stop to the dependency on plastics especially that which is for one time use only. Manufacturing industries should track their plastic waste and remove it from the environment. Governments should also come up with policies that put plastic pollution to a zero baseline i.e polluter and manufacturer pays principles. The public also has a key role to play as ending plastic pollution requires collective efforts. Let’s clean after our environment. It might not be our trash but it is definitely our earth.

There’s only one earth, our home let’s take care of it.

This article was reposted with permission from Del Report.

Photo credit for image at top: Mwewa Enock / Del Report