Join Make It Cute and EARTHDAY.ORG in creating a waste-free world

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In a joint effort to fight plastic pollution, Make It Cute and EARTHDAY.ORG have partnered to create a waste-free world.

At EARTHDAY.ORG, our mission is to put an end to plastic pollution and rid the environment of waste. We believe that collective action is the key to success, which is why we invite you to join us in making a difference. Take the lead by hosting your own cleanup event and become an agent of change. Together, let’s create a cleaner, healthier world for all!

Host Your Own Cleanup

  • Check out the Great Global Cleanup Tool Kit here
  • Select a location, such as a nearby park, river, or trail to clean up
  • Register Your Cleanup on the Register Your Cleanup form
  • Invite Your Friends and Family to join
  • Take pictures and have fun!


Make It Cute Cleanups

About Make It Cute

Looking for a way to preserve the intentional design of our homes while also incorporating playful elements for our kids to enjoy, we decided to take action. And so, the concept of Make It Cute™ was born, introducing sustainable Play Decor™ to your creatively chaotic (and wonderful) home.  

Driven by our passion for responsible materials and philanthropy, Make It Cute set out to reinvent a timeless classic – the children’s playhouse. Our goal was to create a line of Play Decor that was adorable but also safe and planet-friendly. By fusing our love for creativity and charity, we created a brand that promotes responsible play while giving back to the community.

Fast Facts about Global Waste


Premature deaths annually caused by uncontrolled burning of household waste.


People live without any waste collection services.


Of all plastics ever produced have accumulated in the natural environment or landfills.

Reducing your waste while at home! Ready to help us in our global campaign to build clean communities? Learn more about how you can help as an individual.

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Tiny But Deadly: Cigarette butts are the most commonly polluted plastic, 4.5 Trillion butts currently pollute our global environment. Learn more about how EARTHDAY.ORG is cleaning up tiny toxic waste.

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