Internship Program Prospectus

Earth Day Network


Background and Vision

The very first Earth Day in 1970 helped set the planet on a new course. Twenty million people turned out to launch the modern environmental movement as we know it today. This activism and optimism led to historic changes in law and society that turned the tide against 150 years of industrial pollution. We now face new threats, including the catastrophic issue of climate change.

Even though Earth Day has grown exponentially, we are not advancing fast enough to win the race to save our planet, and many people don’t understand how climate change, species extinction and other important global issues are relevant to their personal lives. Earth Day Network, the global coordinator of Earth Day, works to bring people together, building a new level of understanding and optimism about the future. We want environmental issues to again be at the top of the political, economic and social agendas.

Earth Day Network’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide to address the most pressing and challenging global environmental issues. As world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, EDN collaborate with more than 50,000 partners in 196 countries to build environmental democracy. We work through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns to accomplish our goals.

With the support and actions of leaders and citizens, we will shape a global movement for the next 50 years:

Partnering with all global institutions to create meaningful engagement across the world.

Seeking commitments from corporations, governments, NGO’s and multinational organizations to advance the public good.

Working cooperatively with technology companies to forge strong social connections across all languages and on every continent.

Inspiring billions of people, globally, to engage with their natural world.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 will set in motion a new movement for global environmental education and activism and create both the resolve and optimism for sustainable change. Earth Day Network has launched four substantive campaigns to mark the path toward the 50th anniversary year. These initiatives began in 2016 and will continue to the spring of 2020, and long beyond:

2016 – 7.8 Billion New Trees by 2020: Planting one tree for every person on Earth

2017 – Global Environmental and Climate Literacy: Educating every student for the 21st Century

2018 – End Plastic Pollution: Building a clean future, free from plastic pollution

2019 – Endangered Species: Strategically working to protect species from extinction

Together, we are the solution!

EDN Internship Program Mission Statement

EDN’s internship program aims at giving the most talented and committed young people, the opportunity to use their entrepreneurial, creative and academic skills to work in engaging thousands of new recruits to the environmental movement who act on behalf of the planet and become part of the ecosystem for change.

EDN’s Internship Program goal is for the intern to have an intense and high-quality learning experience in a nonprofit environment which will increase their knowledge and experience in the environmental field, bolster their professional resume, and benefit from being a dedicated member of the EDN team.

What can you expect working as an intern at EDN?

Internships at EDN gives students and young professional the opportunity to become familiar with EDN’s organization, culture, programs and global strategy. Our internship program is also an important recruiting mechanism for EDN. High-potential prospect for vacant positions are identified through this program.

Interns can expect to learn at EDN the opportunities and challenges of working on social change, especially on issues that are complex and multifaceted. We offer the opportunity to learn about such issues and understand the core aspects that drive them. Also, Interns will acquire or enhance their experience and skills to manage multiple projects at any given time, develop the capacity to manage their time effectively, and improve their critical thinking.

Interns will work closely with EDN’s staff to gain experience by attending meetings, briefings, and group discussion. Also, participating in grassroots outreach for our campaigns.

What is EDN looking for in our interns?

Are passionate about resolving current environmental issues and have knowledge on the subject.

Want to play a vital role in the planning of Earth Day 2019 and Earth Day 2020.

Are entrepreneurial, creative, have initiative, can work well in teams, are collaborative and have good interpersonal skills. Students that are adaptive and can work in a fluid environment in which new opportunities arise daily will thrive at EDN.

Do effective research and analysis that can be turned into insights and communications to engage our community and the public.

Have exceptional written and oral communication skills.

Are hardworking and results-oriented individual

Display high level of honesty and integrity. We expect that our interns will exhibit at all times a professional and collegial demeanor.

International background or experience, with intermediate to superior-level fluency in French, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, or Arabic preferred.


Earth Day Network’s internship program is unpaid. College credit can be awarded if your institution supports it, along with a daily Metro reimbursement of $5.00.

Earth Day Network 2018 Summer Internship Announcements

1. Earth Day Internship Specific Responsibilities:

• Supporting Earth Day Network’s to grow and engage its global network of grass-roots organizations, local authorities, educators, and youth.
• Coordinating outreach to members of our network and new constituents.
• Assisting in the research, evaluation, and outreach to prospective partners.
• Monitoring domestic and international environmental efforts.
• Contributing to the coordination, resource development, and planning of events and activities.
• Participating in the planning, execution, and promotion of year-round campaigns.
• Engaging in the day-to-day operations of Earth Day Network, including development of databases, coordinating meetings/calls, managing of correspondence, and coordinating events.
• Researching for and writing blogs, social media posts and other content to be published on our website and social media accounts.

Additional Qualifications:

• A strong interest in and knowledge of current environmental and political issues not only domestically, but internationally. A regional interest or focus is welcomed.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
• International background or experience is as plus, as it is proficient reading and writing skills on a second language other than English.
• Experience with web and multimedia design and/or development is a plus, but not a requirement.
• Curiosity to learn about the organization and how we do things and why is welcomed.
• Enthusiasm and positive demeanor is always appreciated.

2. Communication Internship Specific Responsibilities:

• Developing content to support Earth Day Network’s social media channels.
• Engaging with audiences on Earth Day Network’s social media channels.
• Researching to support a wide-range of content pieces.
• Creating media and online influencer pitches.
• Writing blogs, Op-Eds, press releases, website copy, social media posts, and more.
• Online and offline media monitoring.
• Assisting in the day to day operations of the Communications Department.

Additional Qualifications:

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
• Excellent writing and communication skills.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Experience with digital media and multimedia design and/or development preferred.
• Prior campaign experience preferred.

3. Environmental Education Internship Specific Responsibilities:

• Assisting in the research, writing, and development of curricula and lesson plans for grades K-12 on environmental education topics, STEM, civic education, and green schools.
• Identifying and writing grants to support EDN education programs.
• Promoting and expanding our Educator Network and education programs through our online newsletter, blogs, and social media.
• Assisting network members in generating and managing specific programs and education events.
• Supporting the day to day operations of the Education Department.

Additional Qualifications:

• A strong interest in and knowledge of environmental education.
• Familiarity with standards-based lesson plans and curricula.
• Multi-tasking, organization and event-planning skills.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Prior education experience in either formal or informal environments is a plus.

4. Website Development and IT Internship Specific Responsibilities

• Assistance in the maintenance and development of new features for our website.
• Work on components of our CRM system.
• Support all aspect of the use and deployment of new and existing IT components and products at EDN.

Additional Qualifications:

• Knowledge of how to write HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.
• Basic knowledge of design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Experience maintaining and working in WordPress.
• Have been trained on CRM, advocacy, marketing and fundraising software.
• Have been trained to write and format HTML emails.
• Basic Knowledge of LAMP stack web hosting.
• The candidate must have knowledge of how to administer a Windows-based network. Experience with Active Directory, Windows Server and Microsoft Office 365 and VMware. Network troubleshooting of routers, switches and access points is also necessary.
• Must be able to troubleshoot smartphones and their integration with the organization’s Office 365. Basic desktop computer troubleshooting of Windows 7, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office and network printers is also required.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should email your resume to our organization at Please include your last name in the subject line along with the internship position you are applying for: 2018Summer_last name_type of internship position.