Climate Action

International Women’s Day

April 22, 1970 marked the birth of the modern-day environmental movement, with the first Earth Day inspiring and uniting millions to stand up and take action to protect our planet. Five years later, March 8, 1975 marked another critical moment in activist history, with the United Nations’ official recognition of  International Women’s Day. Much like the road that led to the first Earth Day, the fight to recognize the rights and contributions of women around the planet was long and tumultuous, with a history rooted and fueled by empowerment, mobilization and activism. Today, women in leadership roles–whether in corporate, nonprofit, government, education, or community arenas–increasingly prove to be among our planet’s greatest allies and advocates. Earth Day Network is proud to recognize these tremendous contributions through our Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) Leadership Award, given our annual Climate Leadership Gala. The WAGE Leadership Award is dedicated to women who act as role models, paving the way for future generations, while simultaneously working to accelerate the green economy. Our most recent honoree in 2017 was organic food pioneer, chef and author, Nora Pouillon. Nora opened the first ever certified organic restaurant in the United States of America. On top of her work supporting the organic food movement, Nora champions for a cleaner environment, and now even serves as a member of Earth Day Network’s board of directors. Other past honorees include: Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All,  Lisa Jackson, the former EPA Administrator now serving as Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives and Melanne Verveer, U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues. Earth Day Network would like to take this moment as an opportunity to thank these past honorees and for their incredible efforts towards accelerating the green economy, while also encouraging young women across the world: you can make change too. While the state of our environment is often daunting, it is the work of extraordinary women all across the world that keeps us hopeful here at Earth Day Network. Earth Day Network strives to act as a platform to not only empower women, but to also honor their continual efforts towards manifesting change After all, “empowered women empower women.”