Climate Action

Inspiration from Pátzcuaro, Mexico

As Americans move from a day when gratitude and gathering with family and friends are at the center of our lives, toward one of post-Thanksgiving consumerism, why not create new traditions to get outside, connect with nature, and to become meaningful participants in citizen science efforts in your community? We can take inspiration from a group of Dominican nuns in Pátzcuaro, Mexico whose efforts to treat asthma, bronchitis, and anemia have led them to also become a critical link in bringing back an endangered salamander referred to locally as achoque. Salamanders have become important to scientific research across the globe, in part, for their ability to regenerate body parts including organs and limbs. Although we don’t yet know the full power of the achoque’s healing properties, we do know that without the nuns of the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, this knowledge may have been lost. As we embark on our Earth Day 2019 theme, Protect Our Species, we invite you to engage in reveling in the natural world by:
  • Taking a walk around your neighborhood and noticing birds and their habitats;
  • Visiting a local, regional, or national park;
  • Learning about invasive species in your community that negatively impact wildlife habits;
  • Planning a spring garden to include pollinator friendly plants without the use of harmful pesticides and/or,
  • Applying window stickers at your home and/or business to prevent bird collisions
Share your stories on how you’re reveling in the natural world and Protecting Our Species. We’d love to hear from you.