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Honoring WE ACT for Environmental Justice Deputy Director Cecil Corbin-Mark

EARTHDAY.ORG honors the memory of the brilliant environmental activist Darryl Cecil Corbin-Mark who devoted his life to the well being of the planet and all who share it. He was a tireless advocate for environmental justice and dedicated himself to the achievement of climate justice as well. We celebrate his life and the generosity of his spirit.

Cecil was the Deputy Director and Director of Policy Initiatives at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Cecil joined WE ACT in its early development and went on to work with them for 26 years, becoming a well known and respected environmental leader.

He was a part of numerous environmental boards, coalitions and committees throughout his life including New York Jobs with Justice and Environmental Justice Fund. He was a devoted individual with the desire to improve the lives of not only Harlem, New York individuals, but also individuals across the US. In addition to his environmental activism work, Cecil was a mentor through the Friends of Island Academy, a big brother to young men and women in his neighborhood of Hamilton Heights and ran summer basketball teams for youth.

Cecil was a great friend to many organizations that make it their mission to improve the environment including EARTHDAY.ORG.  He was a participant in our Earth Day on the Hill event in 2007, which brought together environmental justice advocates from across the country to demand that climate justice be thoroughly addressed in climate change legislation. Our staff was impressed by his ability to communicate the concepts that he wanted Senators and Representatives to grasp regarding the profound impacts of climate change on communities of color and vulnerable populations. Soon afterwards, Cecil expanded his work to include WE ACT’s outreach to the federal government on environmental justice matters, especially on climate justice.

He was an absolutely brilliant speaker and truly beloved. He was a true partner for Peggy Shepherd in steering WE ACT through the shoals of environmental justice.

He inspired all who knew him and lifted the souls of all who stood shoulder to shoulder with him in the effort to improve environmental conditions for all. In recognition of his extraordinary life, we say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Well done.”

Photo credit for image at top: WE ACT for Environmental Justice