Climate Action

A fond look back at Sundance

Do you remember two months back or so? When we were invited to play a small role at Sundance? It seems like so long ago we had nearly forgotten as well. But we were able to get the word out about this year’s Earth Day theme: Trees for the Earth. In fact, we got a lot of celebrities to sign our massive globe where they would like us to plant trees on their behalf (As Judd Apatow is doing in the picture above). So it was worthwhile and a lot of fun. We just stumbled upon the video below as a good reminder of all the work, contacts, and commitments made in Park City a short while back. The ladder half focuses almost exclusively on the role of Earth Day Network at the music lounge. We were recently able to have a tree planting in India which we believe takes care of Bryce Dallas Howard’s request. So now onto other commitments and further plantings as we ramp up for #EarthDay2016! So much to do and so little time. But please feel free to help out. Spread our two hashtags: #EarthDay2016 & #Trees4Earth. And register your events here and/or your personal acts of green here.