Climate Action

Environmentalism is catching on at The Independent School

Ayden Bolin, Guest Blogger, Junior at The Independent School, Wichita, KS   Wichita, Kansas may not be to first place people think of when “environmental conservation” is discussed. However, as a student from The Independent School, I have observed a massive movement among our student population towards sustainable living and more environmentally friendly habits. Every day, I see students picking recyclables out of the trash to move to a recycling bin; I see students out planting foliage and watering plants. People seem inquisitive about not only the actions we take on a personal level, but also on the actions around the world that combat climate change. There are students questioning how our school can help around our city to better our environment, and even some students wanting to challenge our local government to push for more progressive environmental reform. As part of Earth Day Network’s Climate Education week, this past  Earth Day, our ventured out on  campus en masse to plant flowers and trees, clean up trash, and build habitats for monarch butterflies by planting milkweed and flowering plants. These efforts were organized by The Independent School’s Environmental Action Club, which seeks to better our environment by starting small and branching out. This Earth Day marks a new branch with more young students participating than ever before, as they tackle a middle school waste project and community garden. Hopefully, our growth in these projects and our movement will continue to expand and grow with green initiatives.   Check out the video on their Acts of Green!