Green Cities

EDN Week in Review: Week of April 9

By Stef McDonald

Environmental Threats

“Gulf Stream Current at its Weakest in 1,600 years, Studies Show” (Damian Carrington, Guardian) “The current, known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Amoc), carries warm water northwards towards the north pole. There it cools, becomes denser and sinks, and then flows back southwards. But global warming hampers the cooling of the water, while melting ice in the Arctic, particularly from Greenland, floods the area with less dense freshwater, weakening the Amoc current….” More… “This Sperm Whale Was Found Dead With 64 Pounds Of Trash In Its Digestive System” (Lee Moran, Huffington Post) “Many animals get trapped in the rubbish or ingest great quantities of plastics, which end up causing their death…” More… Related: Find out what you can do to end plastic pollution)

Nature is Amazing

“Plants are great at storing CO2. These Scientists Aim to Make Them Even Better.” (Hillary Rosner, Ensia) “We’re not trying to get plants to do something they don’t normally do,” says Busch. “We’re just trying to increase the efficiency. Then we can use that to mitigate climate change….” More…

Future Climate Leaders

“Americans Support Teaching Children about Global Warming” (Abigail Cheskis, Jennifer Marlon, Xinran Wang, Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale Climate Change Communication) “Americans overwhelmingly support teaching our children about the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to global warming — in all 50 states and 3,000+ counties across the nation, including Republican and Democratic strongholds….” More…

Climate Challengers

“For me, climate is all about proximity. In the public’s eye, unfortunately, there’s the sense that climate has no proximity. Nothing can be further from the truth.” — Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was at the Skoll Foundation’s “Skoll World Forum” in London “We are facing the possibility of the extinction of all humans and creatures on Earth, because of global warming.” — President Jimmy Carter, who was presented with the Skoll Global Treasure Award at Skoll World Forum “Is Climate Restoration an Appropriate Climate Policy Goal?” was the topic at the Laudato Sí Climate Restoration Conference in Rome (where EDN President Kathleen Rogers spoke). (Featured image from Yale’s Climate Change Communication)