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Earth Challenge 2020 will engage millions of global citizens and collect one billion data points in areas including air quality, water quality, biodiversity, pollution, and human health. Citizen science volunteers around the world will collect and share earth science data on an unprecedented scale, providing new insight on the state of our environment to drive meaningful action.

Right now, we invite you to help define the critical research questions that will shape Earth Challenge 2020. What essential question have you always wanted answered? Tell us!

The Earth Challenge 2020 Team will review questions submitted and develop some of them into apps that will be available to collect data from around the world in 2020. This environmental data will be open source and available to community leaders, scientists, and policy makers to create a healthier, safer world.

Submit your question using the form below or on Twitter (@Earth_Challenge) using #EC2020 by December 15, 2018.

Example questions: How much plastic is in my water? What is the biodiversity of my region? How does air quality impact the health of my community?

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To learn more about Earth Challenge 2020, contact [email protected].