Earth Day 2024 Events

Digital Events

Dive Deep on Climate & Plastic Issues this Earth Week! EARTHDAY.ORG’s show “22 Minutes With…” is back with a special lineup! Join us for daily interviews with inspiring guests from April 15th – 22nd, leading up to Earth Day.

22 Minutes

  • 4/15: Bill Weir – CNN’s Chief Climate Correspondent
  • 4/16: Ripu Daman Bevli – The Plogman of India
  • 4/17: Diane Wilson – Environmental Activist
  • 4/18: Samata Pattinson & Max Bedat – Sustainability Leaders (topic TBA)
  • 4/19: Lem Srolovic – Legal Advocate for Environmental Protection
  • 4/22: Dr. Christos Symeonides – Doctor & Epidemiologist
  • Students and Higher Education

    Earth Day is engaging students and higher education institutions through events like the Wisconsin Earth Day march and campus initiatives, empowering young people to take action for environmental sustainability and advocate for change in their communities and beyond.

    Campus Coalition

  • 4/10: Plastic is Toxic Demonstration (University of Central Florida)
  • 4/16: Planet vs. Plastics Demonstration (Ohio University)
  • 4/16: Plastic is Toxic: Resolution in City Council (Pittsburgh Area Schools)
  • 4/18: Planet vs. Plastics Demonstration (University of Western Michigan)
  • 4/19: Plastic is Toxic Demonstration (Michigan State University)
  • 4/19: Planet vs. Plastics Demonstration (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • 4/21: Plastic is Toxic Demonstration (Boston Area Schools)
  • 4/22: Plastic is Toxic Demonstration (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, DC/MD/VA schools)
  • 4/26: Plastic is Toxic Demonstration (University of North Carolina – Wilmington)
  • Advocacy

    Earth Day is advocating for environmental action through events like the INC-4 conference and Earth Day marches, mobilizing individuals and communities to push for policy change and raise awareness about pressing environmental issues.

    Capitol Hill
  • 4/9: Planet vs. Plastics Distribution on Capitol Hill by EARTHDAY.ORG
  • 4/10: EARTHDAY.ORG and Environment America Research & Policy Center Congressional Day of Action: Support the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act
  • 4/15 :EARTHDAY.ORG and Student PIRGs Federal Day of Action: Support Environmental Initiatives

  • INC-4
  • 4/22: The March to End The Plastic Era at INC-4
  • Faith

    Throughout Earth Day and the weekend preceding it, faith communities across the planet will be coming together for a Global Meditation for Change. Join leaders worldwide as we meditate together for a more sustainable and equitable future


    This year marks the 5th anniversary of The Great Global Cleanup. Join us around the world for our flagship cleanups in Armenia, Malaysia, and in underserved communities around the United States. We’re recognizing 3,500 cleanup events since January 1st!


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