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Don Cheadle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dave Matthews want you to vote for a better future

The countdown to the 2020 election is being measured in days and even hours, and the level of engagement and communications is exceeding that of any other election in recent history. This increase in engagement is evident in the many events and campaigns that are looking to push people to vote and to vote early.

On October 24 — just ten days away from election day —, The Climate Reality Project, and the Hip Hop Caucus will team up for Your Vote, Your World, a virtual live-stream event. The goal is to bring together young artists, musicians, activists, and cultural icons to make their voices heard and spotlight the role of youth in this historic election. This massive event will be streamed on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel and, starting at 1:00 pm ET.

The youth vote

Since 2016, more than 15 million Americans have turned 18, making them eligible to vote. These new voters, combined with the rest of young Americans under the age of 39, represent 37% of the electorate, making the youth vote one of the most diverse and potentially decisive voting blocs in 2020.

Today more than ever, young voters are challenging the status quo. They embracing the idea that they have the power to change how this country is shaped and make their voice heard loud and clear.

Kathleen Rogers, president of, explained, “Our event, Your Vote, Your World, is focused on providing our audience with the necessary information to make voting easy. The stakes for our democracy, our planet, and our future have never been higher, and voting is the first step to protect all three”.

It’s worth pointing out that even though we are living through a moment of crisis on many levels, hope is not lost. Al Gore said it best:

While there is so much at stake, I have never been more hopeful, thanks to the young leaders who continue to demonstrate their vision for a better, fairer future. The single most important thing we can do to make that vision a reality is vote this November.

Al Gore, Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project

By joining this special event, Hip Hop Caucus, through their Respect My Vote! Campaign is celebrating the power of diversity. “Young people hold the power to fundamentally transform our country and build a future where we all thrive. Our lives, our planet, and our civil rights are all on the line this November, and the time is now time to energize, organize and mobilize to the polls,” said Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President and Founder of Hip Hop Caucus.

Your Vote, Your World!

The line up of speakers include activists like Al Gore, Philippe Cousteau Jr, and Kori Malia. Plus, there will be celebrities, politicians, and artist such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stacey Abrams, Don Cheadle, and Dave Matthews. (You can find the full list of speakers here.)

This Livestream event is produced in partnership with American Public Health Association, Black Millennials for Flint, Broadway Green Alliance, Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice, Corazón Latino, LCV Chispa, MOVE Texas, NAACP Youth and College Division, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Plus1Vote, Poor People’s Campaign, Repairers of the Breach, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, Vote Early Day, Voto Latino, and When We All Vote.

Your Vote Your World will be streamed on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel and, starting at 1:00 pm ET on October 24th.

This article was reposted with permission from Front Page Live.

Photo credit for image at top: Screenshot/Youtube