Climate Education

Closing the Gap: Climate Education

Climate change is more evident than ever before. It’s a discussion beyond science that is relevant to religion, politics, and development arenas.  And it’s time the climate conversation was brought into the most important sector: education. Our students must be prepared with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking tools to develop actionable solutions to climate change and make sustainable choices in their lives. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising despite advances in technology, and with business as usual climate change will accelerate. The IPCC has recommended a limit of climate change by 2 degrees Celsius and they are hoping to bring worldwide attention to this issue during COP 21 talks taking place in Paris at the end of the year.  But where do students come into this? Equipping our students with knowledge on climate change now has them thinking about climate solutions in the years to come.  Research shows children are more susceptible to the negative effects of environmental degradation and more vulnerable to conditions caused by climate change which is why climate education should be a top priority for teachers and educators not just in USA but all around the world. One of the best ways to educate students about the climate is to engage students in the outside world by creating different kinds of activities which may interest them and help the climate at the same time. Climate education will have nothing but positive effects on us and our planet earth and in the long run it will help save the world.  And that is why we at Earth Day Network have developed a free, interactive climate change iTextbook. The Story of Climate Change for middle school students engages students beyond the classrooms and into adventurous videos, 360 degree views of coral reefs, and time-lapse galleries.  Knowledge and activities are paired to provide a well-rounded foundation in climate science, research, and action. Look out for the release in August! Niusha Bastani, Intern