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The Great Global Cleanup™

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Clean Communities Build Stewardship Values

Students constantly process information that influences how they interact with the world around them. Seeing litter on their way to school can reduce pride in their neighborhoods and even encourage littering. The pillars of Green Schools show us how clean, vibrant schools can improve learning and behavior; you can apply those same principles to where students live and play outside of school.

In collaboration with national and international partners — including National Cleanup Day, Keep America Beautiful, World Cleanup Day and Let’s Do It World — Earth Day Network is building the planet’s largest cleanup crew. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, get your school, club or organization to join the Great Global Cleanup™.

Get Involved

Below are some cleanup activities you can do with your students:

  • Adopt a stream
  • Organize a schoolyard cleanup
  • Host recycling drives or competitions (challenge your rival school!)
  • Install more trash and recycling bins in and around your school
  • Collect data on plastic pollution in your area with our Earth Challenge app
  • Install a composting area at school to reduce food waste (and combat climate change!)

When planning a cleanup, contact local hardware stores for donations of trash bags and gloves. Also instruct your students on what kind of litter is safe to pick up and when to ask an adult for assistance. Inform participants of the ins and outs of recycling.

As you participate in cleanups, note the most common types of trash. Can you identify the source of the trash? If you can identify a common source, explore the ways to prevent litter from reoccurring. Can you write a letter to your local officials for more bins? Can you increase public awareness to improve community buy-in in cleaning up your area? Civic action is a great way to make lasting change well beyond your Earth Day cleanup event!

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We love to hear about the projects you and your audiences work on. Email us at [email protected] with photos, videos, stories and quotes about what you and your students are doing for Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary! In your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts use #EarthDay2020 and tag us @EarthDayNetwork.

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