Climate Action

Action Alert: Stop Extinction Challenge on August 10

To help protect The Endangered Species Act (ESA), we are enlisting supporters for the 2018 Stop Extinction Challenge, a coordinated campaign set for Friday, August 10 at 3 PM at Senate offices across the U.S. We know working together is the best way to get results, so Earth Day Network is a member organization in the Endangered Species Coalition, which is behind the challenge. We are working with the coalition and other member organizations to rally our supporters in this day of action. That’s where you come in. In response to moves by Congress and The Department of the Interior to attack and weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA), we are asking supporters to show up in person to Senate offices to demand protections for the ESA. Find your senators’ nearest offices and commit to show up on Friday, August 10th at 3 PM. The Endangered Species Act has saved thousands of species from extinction, including the iconic California Condor, the humble Nashville Crayfish, the Rusty-patched Bumblebee. We are asking our U.S. leaders join us in objecting to:
  • The current Interior Appropriations bill in the House, which contains poison pill riders that would weaken the Endangered Species Act.
  • Senator John Barrasso’s bill to make changes to the Endangered Species Act that would undermine science and citizen court access, and give states the ability to veto endangered species restoration projects.
Get more info on the 2018 Stop Extinction Challenge day of action from the coalition on their website. Unable to show up in person? Call your senators today: 847-443-9894. Keep the comments coming: You can also make your voice heard by submitting public comments on the issue. Our toolkit and suggestions are here.