Climate Action

A Quick Look Back While We Move Forward

With 2016 off to an exciting start, we wanted to look back at our successes from 2015 and our exciting plans for this year!

We at Earth Day Network (EDN) had an amazing year delivering the climate message to new and critical constituencies, engaging new partners in the conversation, and mobilizing for action. A small sample of our accomplishments from 2015 include:

• April 22nd marked our 45th anniversary and we rallied at our flagship event on the National Mall. By linking the issues of extreme poverty and climate change, we gathered groundbreaking commitments from public and private sector leaders;

• Partnering with Angry Birds to create a climate tournament reaching millions of people all around the world, educating a new group of climate activists;

• Rallying for climate justice on the National Mall during Pope Francis’s address to Congress. This showed our support for his encyclical and addressed climate change as a moral issue (see the video here);

• And planting millions of trees all around the world through our Canopy Project.

Now, here’s a preview what’s ahead in 2016.

Securing the Climate Agreement: EDN is working hard to get world leaders to sign the #ParisAgreement on #EarthDay2016. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that the Agreement becomes legally binding.

Mobilizing Climate Voters: EDN and our partners are working to register/mobilize 1 million new climate voters. We will work hard over the next year to make sure climate change is a big part of the 2016 campaigns.

Greening Schools: EDN cares about equity and the state of our nation’s schools – especially in low income communities. We will keep pushing to bring clean air and healthy food to schools so every child can learn in the classrooms they deserve.

Please join us in this work. Check back here often and be sure to follow us on both Twitter and Facebook.