Climate Action

5 LGBTQ Activists under 30 making a difference

Intersectional Environmentalism is the future of the environmental movement and the answer to the environmental justice crisis. The fight against climate change has historically excluded underrepresented communities, namely LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, from mainstream media despite minorities being disproportionately affected by environmental harm. Through this new framework of diversity, equity, and inclusion, a new generation of environmentalists is reshaping the future of environmentalism and making the movement accessible to all.

Here are five queer activists under thirty to follow this Pride Month and always:  

  • QueerBrownVegan: Isaias Hernandez (He/Him) 

Isaias Hernandez is an eco-influencer activist based out of California who uses his platform to educate on environmental justice and veganism issues. He is a natural educator and a talented public speaker. He aims to provide his followers with a safe space to learn the importance of sexuality and race within environmentalism in an easily digestible way.

His handle is @QueerBrownVegan which touches on his intersectional identity as a queer environmentalist of color. Follow him on TikTok and Instagram, where he publishes most of his content! 

  • Cieara West (She/Her) and Claire Greiller (She/Her) 

Cieara West and Claire Greiller are a dynamic duo responsible for Environmental Queers, a non-profit that brings together Los Angeles-based queers with a shared love of the environment. They frequently plan environmentally friendly events for their community, such as beach cleanups, hikes, and tree plantings.

Cieara combines her passion for writing and the environment by publishing blogs that debunk myths, provide tips, and inform those who aren’t sure how to help with the movement. Claire is a musician and educator who hopes to share her interests with the queer community. Give them a follow @environmentalqueers, and if you’re ever in the area, join them for a hike! 

  1. Tori Tsui (She/They )

Tori Tsui is a Hongkonger queer eco-activist based out of Bristol, UK. She is a co-founder of the space Bad Activist Collective which connects justice seekers over issues of racial justice, climate justice, and queer liberation through intersectionality, art, and activism. A large part of her platform focuses on mental health and dealing with climate doomism. She is currently writing a book entitled ‘It’s Not Just You: How to Navigate Eco-Anxiety and the Climate Crisis.’

Make sure to follow her at @toritsui_, check out the fantastic resources provided by the Bad Activist Collective, and pre-order her book ‘It’s Not Just You’!

  1. Mikaela Loach (She/They)

Mikaela is a British-Jamaican climate justice activist and antiracism activist studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Through her instagram @mikaelaloach, she advocates for environmental justice, racial justice, sustainable fashion, and the refugee crisis. She is a sustainable living and eco-fashion blogger for Eco-Age, a digital platform for environmental consulting. You will often find her rocking bright pink sustainable clothing and matching earrings. She is also the co-host of the Yikes Podcast, which addresses the uncomfortable parts of activism. Give her a follow and listen to season 5 of her podcast! 

  1. Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd (They/Them)

Pinar is a nonbinary QTPOC (Queer Trans Person Of Color) environmentalist and conservationist from Colorado with Huanca, Turkish, and Chinese ancestry. They are a self-proclaimed multi-species futurist and proudly hold the identities of trans indigenous mutant and neurodivergent psychonaut.

Pinar and their partner, So, co-founded the project Queer Nature, LLC, which facilitates nature-based workshops and multi-day immersions primarily for LGBTQ+ and QTBIPOC community members. They teach naturalist studies, handcrafts, survival skills, and indigenous histories through environmental and nature-based education. They sometimes teach public classes or guest lectures at educational organizations. Pinar is also the founder of @indigequeers on Instagram.  They can also be found @queerquechua and @queernature

The list of LGBTQ+ activists is never-ending, and this group was impossible to narrow down to just five. Social media is becoming an incredible digital platform for social change and environmental activism, so be sure to follow these activists and more. Hopefully, this article introduces you to someone you didn’t know before, and I hope it inspires you to go a step further and seek out and follow more queer environmentalists!