Climate Action

1 Billion People Participate in Earth Day in 192 Countries

More than one billion people in 192 countries took part in the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day.  From Cairo to Beijing, Melbourne to Rome, Rio to St. Louis, communities everywhere stood united in their effort to Mobilize the Earth™. In Iraq, the Ministry of the Education sent Earth Day materials to schools around the country and engaged more than 1 million students in 3,000 schools in Earth Day activities. In Seoul, South Korea, a local organization mobilized their community to learn about environmental issues and perform acts of environmental service. In Boujaad, Morroco, a local group of students organized a trash clean up and tree planting to help green their community. In Salangor, Malayasia, hundreds of people removed debris and litter from a local waterfall in an effort to restore and preserve their natural environment. In Washington, DC, thousands gathered for the flagship Earth Day event that featured prominent civic leaders, environmental activists, celebrities, and musical acts. Globally, more than 56,000 university students rallied their campuses in honor of Earth Day to take action and call for a sustainable future. Thousands of faith leaders challenged their communities to become better stewards of the planet.  Tens of thousands of schools organized educational activities for kids, and over six hundred elected officials voiced the support for the planet by attending local Earth Day events. To see some of these amazing events, check out our Earth Day PIXT Wall.