Green Schools

During the 2005-2006 school year, Earth Day Network was one of the first organizations to champion what has since become a national green schools movement.  These schools are at the vanguard of the national education and environmental movements, combining traditional education approaches with 21st century innovations in building science, renewable energy and green economy support.

Green schools provide an extremely cost-effective way to enhance student learning and health, reduce operational costs and environmental impacts, and increase a community’s overall quality and competitiveness.  As a whole, multiple benefits accrue in economic, educational and environmental sectors to create a win-win situation for any green school project.

In 2007, former President Clinton, on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, the U.S. Green Building Council, Earth Day Network and several partners, announced a commitment to “green America’s schools within a generation.”  Since that announcement, we have provided critical leadership and support to thousands of students, teachers, schools and communities around the world.  Annually, our programs directly reach over 30,000 educators and offers guidance and commentary in notable publications to transform the national dialogue on education in America. 

Our combined efforts help communities save not only millions of dollars, but millions of pounds of pollution as well.  With one-fifth of the American population working and learning in schools everyday, green schools are becoming the norm, and we seek to continue our leadership to fundamentally build sustainability in schools nationwide.