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Gov. Richardson Keynote Pushes Clean Energy Reforms

9:20pm – Governor Richardson said the needs of climate change demand unprecedented international cooperation.

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Climate Gala, Round Two

8:25pm -- Just before dinner, former president of Costa Rica Jose Maria Figueres commended EDN President Kathleen Rogers for celebrating women’s leadership in the green economy.

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Climate Leadership Gala Opening Salvos

8:00pm --  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the assembled Climate Leadership Gala that U.S. mayors are key to leading the way in creating a green economy.  As incoming president of the US Conference of Mayors, he said the last USCOM conference saw them all “elbowing each other to see who could do more”.

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Stars Converge on DC for Climate Leadership Gala!

The Climate Leadership Gala tomorrow night promises to be a grand ceremony celebrating achievements in forging a path to a post-carbon future! 

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UNEP Asks the Experts

Through Saturday, April 30, Earth Day Network’s own International Programs Manager, Irene Farrow, will be UNEP’s Expert of the Day! The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) presents the ‘Ask Today’s Expert’ interactive feature on its website to take questions and facilitate environmental discussion.

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Earth Day Network Coalition Scores Green Ribbon Schools Program Victory!

The Earth Day Network Education Team today marked a major breakthrough in its tireless efforts to grow the National Green Schools movement!

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Radical Elements Sway Courts, Undercut Environmental Protections

Extensive recent media attention has focused on setbacks for environmentalists at the hands of the Tea Party activists bent on limiting the ability of the federal government to protect the environment.  Indeed, it seems Tea Party elements are comfortable filling our harbors with substances far more toxic than tea.

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41st Earth Day Exceeds 100 Million Acts!

From sixth-grade Iraqi mine survivors planting trees without hands and Detroit school kids building a plastic bottle boat to Malays cleaning up their waterfalls, individuals and organizations from Delhi, Louisiana to New Delhi have racked up over 100 million Acts of Green in honor of the 41st Earth Day.

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Congressman Edward Markey Pledges an Act on Facebook

Using our new Billion Acts of Green Facebook application, Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass.) has pledged to "keep fighting in Congress for clean energy like wind, solar and electric vehicles and oppose the GOP's Oil Above All agenda."

Check it out here.

Go to our cool new application and pledge to join him or make your own pledge! 

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What Lisa Jackson Wants for Earth Day!


Or, rather, your help. 

Writing in the Environmental Protection Agency blog Greenversations, Administrator Lisa Jackson notes: 

"To continue making progress today, we need to do the same thing our predecessors did 41 years ago: come together and work to make a difference. There are new and extraordinary ways for you to make a difference. As EPA Administrator, what I want this Earth Day is your help in this important work."

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