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"Carta o plastica?"

“Carta o plastica?” is Italian for the standard grocery checkout question, which may no longer be needed in Italy. The country has joined the global movement against disposable plastic bag use by imposing a ban on non-biodegradable, single-use plastic bags on January 1, 2011. These non-biodegradable bags may be cheap for grocery stores, but are extremely costly to the environment, building up trash on the streets, contributing to landfill waste, and polluting parks and oceans. Their production also requires petroleum and other vital natural resources.

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Bring the Outdoors In With a Terrarium

Too cold to go outside?   Why not bring the outside in by making a terrarium!  Here are some step-by-step directions on how to make a terrarium.
What you need:
1. A glass container.  You can use old jars or go to the thrift store to find exciting shapes.  Get creative! Use fish bowls, pitchers, or wine glasses.  Lids are optional but if you choose not to use one, remember to water the plants more frequently.  If you do have a lid, humidity can build-up so open your terrarium every once in a while to let it air out.

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Philadelphia Eagles Green Stadium’s Energy

Earth Day Network’s Athletes for the Earth campaign brings professional athletes to the environmental movement as spokespeople for Earth Day and for increased environmental awareness and activism. The newest sportsperson to bring awareness to the green movement is Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, who is retrofitting the Lincoln Financial Field to be the first major US sports facility to operate on renewable fuel.  He plans to have wind turbines, solar panels and a biodiesel plant installed in the stadium by the start of next season.

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TPM Cafe Lauds EDN Board Member's Call for Clean Energy Deployment Funds

A failure to recognize the dismal lack of funds for large-scale clean energy deployment is already having serious consequences for the success of American inventiveness, says Ken Berlin, General Counsel to the Coalition for Green Capital, and Earth Day Network Board Member.

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Powerful Women Headline Cancun WAGE Events

A stellar group of international women leaders illustrated clearly the potential of women's contributions to finding solutions to the climate crises at two groundbreaking events in Cancun last week for our official launch of the Earth Day Network “Women and the Green Economy” (WAGE)™ Campaign.

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Spirituality, Sustainability and A Global Consciousness

One of my late teachers, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, once said: “The modern person behaves as if the sole purpose of the universe were to satisfy their needs.”  His challenge: “We must not give in to that reality, but rather transcend it by sacrificing one’s own interests for the sake of the holy.”

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Healthy Schools Act Coalition Claims Victory

Success!  The people voiced their concern and the DC City Council listened!  Council Chairman (and soon-to-be Mayor) Vincent Gray’s amended budget has saved the landmark DC Healthy Schools Act.  As a result, any District student in need can continue to receive a free and healthy breakfast in his or her classroom.  Threatened with elimination in face of the budget deficit, yesterday's move by the Council saves this pivotal initiative – a victory not only for the children of the city, but for the city’s future as well!

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WaPo's DeBonis Cites Sean Miller on Healthy Schools Act Fight : Read the Article!

In the fight to preserve DC's Healthy Schools Act, Washington Post local politics columnist Mike DeBonis cited our own Education Director Sean S. Miller's testimony as a leading advocate. "The budget gap-closing gets down to brass tacks today, and all eyes are on Mayor-elect Vincent Gray. After attending Rushern Baker's inauguration as Prince George's County executive in the morning, he returns to the John A. Wilson Building where we will huddle with his colleagues for one last budgetary skull session. What does he have to deal with?

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Student Nutrition Too Important to Cut: Read Sean Miller's Letter to The Washington Post

"In her Dec. 1 Metro article, "D.C. mayor's budget plan triggers council debate on possible income tax increase," Nikita Stewart asserted that outgoing Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's plan to close the budget gap would only delay healthy food being served to D.C. students.

While this may be true on paper, implementation of the D.C. Healthy Schools Act has already begun, and any such delay is apt to paralyze the program indefinitely


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Earth Day President Rogers' Op-Ed on Women Advancing the Green Economy: Santa Monica Daily News

"On the eve of this year's international climate change conference in Cancun, women are beginning to position themselves as major players in the emerging green economy. Until recently, women have represented a tiny minority at these conferences and have been almost entirely absent from major gatherings of green entrepreneurs. Women, now playing a more active role, understand that their absence from both the design and success of the industrial and technological revolutions prevented them from directly reaping the political and financial rewards from those seismic economic shifts.

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