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Maryland High Schools Go Green for Graduation

Annie Stoller-Patterson is an intern in the Education Department of Earth Day Network

Next September, members of the Class of 2012 will return to Maryland public schools to finish their last year of high school.  But this year, their education will look a little bit different: Maryland high schools have gone green. 

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Take action in North Carolina

Earth Day Network Intern - Preston Kussmann

In the past week, North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly presented three bills to Democratic Governor Bev Perdue which seek to drastically rollback environmental regulations in the state. If these bills and budget cuts currently working their way through the legislature, are signed into law, it would represent a drastic rollback of environmental regulations in the Tar Heel State.

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Drawing a line in the sand

Drawing lines in the sand have been a symbol of taking a stand for a long time, setting boundaries and showing that certain things cannot be compromised. This past Saturday, June 25th, people around the world gathered around the world for Hands Across the Sand to send a message of solidarity and let the world leaders know the time has come to embrace clean energy.

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Secretary Chu's cool roof passion

We were happy to read about the Secretary of Energy extolling the

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How green is your cell phone?

Earth Day Network Intern - Christine Hoguet

I recently had to replace my 3-year old cell phone. I try to use such electronics for as long as possible to reduce electronic waste, of which there already is way too much in this world. I had now reached a point where replacing the phone had become inevitable.

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Sustainable Energy for All

Earth Day Network Intern - Shela Suh

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Mayor Villaraigosa issues a call to action

In his first speech as President of the US Conference of Mayors at their 79th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put out a call to action to mayors across the country, “We need to tell the Congress loud and clear - at least observe any good doctor's Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm.” Using the example of the House of Representatives bill HR 1 to illustrate the need for Congress to support local communities, Mayor Villaraigosa emphasized the impact cities have on the economy of the United States of America and the importance of implement

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What One Community Can Do

By Nicole Holstein, Intern, Earth Day Network

Having grown up in West Virginia, I can trace my family history back to the settling of the land in the late 17th century – before West Virginia coal mining helped fuel the U.S. as an industrial nation and secured its status as a world power. The coal industry was our “friend,” fueling our economy, our nation and our families.

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tree hugger  noun, : environmentalist
2; especially : an advocate for the preservation of woodlands

That's the definition that most likely comes to mind for people when they hear the term. Some see it as an unflattering name for an environmentalist. The truth however is a much more surprising and empowering story.

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It's the Green Economy, Stupid.

President Clinton is right on the mark in his latest Newsweek piece.
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