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100 Events: Earth Day India to Make History

Earth Day India Director Karuna Singh reported today that her phenomenal organizing team has scheduled 100 events all over the country.

Working with regional governments, educational institutions and internationally renowned non-profit organizations such as Ela Bhatt's Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), Earth Day India will be educating students, teachers, and government officials about all aspects of the environment. "It almost feels like Earth Day 1970 in the US is being replicated in 2011 in India!" Karuna said.

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Sustainability in Sunderland Tops UK Rankings

Sunderland, a sister city of the District of Columbia, ranked first for climate change policy planning and second for the ecological footprint in the UK’s The Sustainable Cities Index 2010, an index ranking the 20 largest British cities.  The Sunderland Strategy 2008-2025 sustainability policy, strategy and action plan to mitigate climate change focuses on business start-ups, waste regulation, and biodiversity.

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Rallying My Generation in the I Matter March

My name is Alec Loorz. Iʼm 16 years old, and I am a climate change activist. Iʼve spent my entire teenaged life traveling around our planet talking to my peers about global climate change. And now Iʼm planning an international event called the iMatter March, happening on May 8.

Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. Our societyʼs addiction to fossil fuels is messing with the perfect balance of nature and threatening the survival of our generation. It needs to stop, and we will not sit idly by as our leaders make decisions that affect our future.

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AMA Urges Docs to Prepare for Climate-Related Illnesses

Florida has begun to see cases of dengue fever – a tropical disease rarely found in places as far north as the American continent.  Maine has seen a ten-fold increase in Lyme disease, as shortened winters fail to kill off the ticks that carry the disease. 

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Countering Climate Change through Education in Bangladesh

The Iroquois people have a well-known saying: In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation. Sadly, generations of policy makers in industrialized nations have failed to heed this simple wisdom. The world’s youth have the responsibility of fixing the mistakes made in the past. The more we do to prepare them now, the better-equipped they will be to clean up the mess.

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One Boy Inspires Iraqi School for Earth Day

A few years ago, Hocar Hamdamin Hassan was playing with his younger brother, Hauri, at a relative's home. Like so many war-torn regions of Iraq, this particular neighborhood was still plagued by hidden land mines. As the brothers were playing, they accidentally triggered a mine that critically injured them both.

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North Miami & Delmas, Haiti Partner for 1 Million Trees

North Miami, Florida has partnered with BioPlanet USA to jumpstart the One Million Trees Miami campaign on April 29th. This is the first campaign of its kind in South Florida, with a sentimental mission behind it all. Haiti is North Miami’s Sister City International partner, and they have organized an amazing campaign to bring sustainability to both cities.

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How Japan’s Nuclear Crisis is Affecting Food

It’s hard to keep up with all the news coming out of Japan about their nuclear plant troubles.  According to an article in the Washington Post, damages from the events have caused about 25 trillion yen, or $309 billion, worth of damages.

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DC French Embassy Showcases Building Greening Tools

Despite late March’s wet chill Wednesday morning, the D.C. Embassy Greening Forum convened a rousing group of many embassy representatives, D.C. government, local green facilities specialists, the U.S. State Department and Earth Day Network.

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A Mockumentary for April 1...

Explore the life cycle of one of Nature's "most clever and illustrious creatures" from its "pupping grounds in the urban asphalt jungle to its home in the Pacific Ocean"...featured at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

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