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Running for the Earth

As the flowers begin to bloom and the birds begin to chirp again, we know that spring is around the corner.  And what better way to celebrate the spring season, than getting outside and enjoying the world around us. Here at Earth Day Network’s Arts and Athletes for the Earth Campaigns, we have partnered with a few marathons we think you should know about:

Magnuson Series Earth Day Races located in Seattle, WA on Saturday, April 21, 2012 (

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Earth Day on the National Mall

In little over a month, millions of people from around the world will participate in Earth Day on April 22.  From Rome to Rio, London to New Orleans, Beirut to Muscat, Kolkata to Jakarta, Beijing to Melbourne, communities everywhere will come together to Mobilize the Earth and call for a sustainable future.

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Local Elected Officials on forefront of leading a “Green Economy”


Earth Day Network works with local leaders and elected officials from around the world, encouraging them to take part in Earth Day and providing them with a platform to engage their communities in conversations on the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability.

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Monumental Moment for MobilizeU

Earth Day University is excited to announce that this past Friday, MobilizeU reached 100 participating colleges and universities from across the globe.

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Take a Trip Around the World

We now have less than 40 days until Earth Day 2012. Check out the weekly international highlights to see what is going on in your part of the world: 

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Tell Congress to Fund Environmental Education

There’s been another disappointing turn of events here in Washington. President Obama’s new budget proposal to Congress seeks to eliminate funding for the Environmental Education Program at EPA, the Environmental Literacy Grants program at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Bay-Watershed Education Training initiative also at NOAA.

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The Future Lies in Rio

With a little over 40 days before Earth Day 2012, the focus on bringing the world together to Mobilize the Earth™ for environmental justice is on everyone’s mind.  But we must not forget that one of the most important international conferences of our generation is just a short two months after April 22nd.

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Women leading the green economy

To celebrate International Women's Day, Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, explains why it is imperative to the green economy for women to be at the forefront.

"The stark fact is that almost all green-revolution investors and decision-makers — those who are defining and designing the green economy — are from a single demographic: men. International Women’s Day, March 8, presents a timely and important opportunity to examine why women should be leaders in the green economy.

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Earth Day Network Signs Onto Interfaith Moral Action On Climate Change Statement

For Earth Day 2012, Earth Day Network is working closely with various groups of faith who are part of the Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change Coalition. Several religious groups and their supporters, including Earth Day Network, have signed onto a statement that outlines a call to action to climate change.

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Earth Day Around the Globe

Earth Day 2012 is only 46 days away.  As always, Earth Day Network organizers are hard at work so we can Mobilize the Earth™ on April 22nd. Check out the weekly international highlights to see what is going on around the world. 

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