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EDN-India Holds WAGE Discussion, Synthesizes Rio Recommendations

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Earth Day Network (EDN), in collaboration with Aspen Institute India and the Public Relations Society of India, Kolkata chapter, organized a Women and the Green Economy (WAGE)® luncheon in Kolkata on April 26. Read More

Fort Wainwright forges a foundation toward solid sustainability

For Earth Day 2012: Mobilize the Earth, Earth Day Network worked with over 1500 local government officials from across the world and in all 50 U.S. states to engage them in Earth Day events. These local leaders and elected officials are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of environmental challenges facing their communities while at the same time struggling to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings.

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Recycling 101 in Today’s Electronic World

Recycling, a term that grew to international importance almost four decades ago, is commonly represented by images of blue plastic bins and bottle drives. However, in a 21st century, electronic-dominated world, recycling solely aluminum cans or plastic water bottles is not the only game in town. “E-waste,” waste from printer cartridges, mobile devices, and other small electronics, needs to become a more integral part of the recycling equation.

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Earth Day Network Coordinates Large Tree Planting in Belgium

Through a grant from the UPS Foundation, Earth Day Network recently worked with partner VBV, the Association for Forests in Flanders, to plant 8,000 trees in Flanders, Belgium. 

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Calling All Schools and Farmers: Farm to School Funds Available

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the new farm to school grant program designed to educate students on their food’s origin and also increase the availability of local, fresh foods in schools.

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Saving the Rubbish...on Earth Day

Swabhav (meaning “personality,” “character” or “nature”), an NGO based in Kolkata, is essentially a creative learning centre, housed in a wonderful old building teaming with a range of activities, including dance, handicrafts, music, theatre, yoga and computers. Earth Day Network-India was proud to partner with them on a creative educational event at one of Kolkata’s cultural landmarks.

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Guest Blog: Corbett Foundation Mobilizes in India for Earth Day 2012

Guest blog by: Zaara Kidwai

Between April 14 and 23, the Corbett Foundation (TCF) carried out a series of events and activities for Earth Day 2012 in Corbett, Kutch, Bandhavgarh and Kanha, India. We engaged schoolchildren here in a variety of interactive seminars and competitions designed to teach them and their communities about the importance of sustainable living and preserving the environment.

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Guest Blog: IUCN participates in Earth Day

Maggie Roth, IUCN

This is a guest blog from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, an Earth Day Network partner.

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and just last week we celebrated our planet. For this year’s Earth Day, Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) spoke about energy issues and the importance of nature-based solutions on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall.

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Guest Blog: What's even better than recycling? Upcycling!


By Leanna Reece

Hipcycle Scholar at


This is a guest blog from Hipcycle, a recent Earth Day exhibitor on the National Mall.

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A School Garden Blooms for Earth Day

Earth Day Network, in partnership with Wells Fargo, hosted a community work day at our newest venture – a school garden at the Yu Ying Public Charter School in Northeast, DC.

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