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On this Father's Day

My daughter Dee Dee was born on Fathers Day at Marineland, a marine park in Florida. As a marine biologist this was a special Father’s Day gift for me, and an auspicious beginning for her.

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A Toast to Scotland’s Green Future

Earth Day Network Intern - Shela Suh

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Google invests 280 million in SolarCity

It looks like someone is taking alternative energy seriously. Where are the other venture capitalists and firms with ample resources to get the green economy going?

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Fix it up and wear it out, make it do or do without

Earth Day Network Guest Blogger - Christina Dubin, MS Ed, RYT - West Newbury, MA -

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The Act of Green of the Week - Don't buy bottled water

Our act of green of the week comes from Ann Lin who is urging us all to reconsider our consumption of bottled water.

The manufacturing of bottled water wastes a lot of water. So, don't buy bottled water, use a water flask.

We are depleting local acquifers worldwide. There's also the issues of pollution from discarded water bottles which we don't recycle. Lastly, let's not forget the amount of fuel used in making water bottles and transporting them.

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Bill Daley says EPA will remain strong

It is heartening to hear White House Chief of Staff Willaim M. Daley support the Environmental Protection Agency in this manner

“No, we’re not going to allow any legislation that impedes the need to improve our health and safety,” Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley said Thursday when asked whether the White House would consider legislation to block or delay EPA climate regulations.

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On October 31st say hello to your 7 billionth neighbor

There's an old joke that goes: how many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? The punchline is: how many can you afford? On October 31, 2011 when you turn to look at the person standing next to you on the subway platform, or on the bus you ride to work each day--will you then realize that you are now part of a planet that has seven billion inhabitants? The question that will now be posed for all of us to ponder is how much can the Earth afford?

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Americans are concerned about global warming

The verdict is out.  Americans are concerned about global warming. 

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The first ever National Biodiesel Education Day

Earth Day Network - Green Schools Coordinator - Josh Volinsky

Earth Day Network, in partnership with the UPS Foundation, launched the first annual National Biodiesel Education Day on May 17.  To mark this occasion, our Green Schools Coordinator, Josh Volinsky, organized an event in Newton, Massachusetts to attend a celebration of Newton North High School’s Greengineers program.

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