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Where have all the Fruits and Veggies Gone?

The American Frozen Food Institute stole them.

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Voices in Durban

After the first week of COP 17, negotiations are continuing to stall. There is a growing sense of frustration within the environmental community and a feeling that COP 17 is not going make any concrete steps to halting climate change. With numerous countries, including the US, not wanting to adopt emission targets until after 2020, it looks as if an international climate treaty is still years away, perhaps even too late to prevent a permanent increase in global temperature.

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National Climate Ethics Campaign

November 30th was a busy day for the environmental movement, and more specifically for those who share, across the globe, the moral obligation to protect and preserve the planet – such as, elected officials, activists as well as leaders in the faith community. November 30th was marked by two events: the second day of the COP 17 meeting in Durban, South Africaand the National Climate Ethics Campaign.

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Update from COP 17 - Saving Tomorrow Today

Two members of the Earth Day Network team are in Durban, South Africa attending COP 17. Here is their latest blog from the UN Conference:

Our first day at COP 17, went by in a flash.  After waking up to a beautiful South African sunrise, we walked over to the COP 17 headquarters and took a quick tour of the massive complex before immersing ourselves in the conference.

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Environmental Education in the 21st Century

For years, people inside and outside of the environmental education movement have been asking a series of similar questions. For example, what does environmental education look like in the 21st century? What does it mean for my classroom or my community? Or, how do we adequately assess environmental literacy?

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Pizza is a vegetable? Tell Congress to Promote Healthy School Meals

We thought we fixed this when Ronald Reagan declared ketchup to be a vegetable and most of our country laughed out loud.  But apparently not. Earlier this week, Congress unveiled change to the National School Lunch program that will allow a few dabs of tomato paste to be considered a vegetable which means that a pizza is back on our kids' tables and obesity is here to stay.

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Don't let fish take your temperature

As a “veggiequarium” (or the proper term, Pescetarian, one who abstains from eating any meat, except for seafood), it is always a concern when I hear about preventable, dangerous levels of mercury being released into the environment. The largest contributor to airborne mercury pollution in the United States is coal-powered power plants, more than all other industries combined.

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November 15 - America Recycles Day

Since 1997, November 15 has been recognized as America Recycles Day, which is the only nationally recognized day to celebrate recycling and buying recycled content products and packaging.  Thousands of local events will be held throughout the country, ranging from electronics collections and “slash the trash” to aluminum can stomp-athons and runway fashion shows featuring “trashy” couture.  In New York City’s  Washington Square Park there will be “Ready, Set, Sort” contests.  In downtown Washington, D.C.

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Celebrating our Veterans with Green Jobs

Today is Veterans Day, a day for us to reflect on the sacrifices of the brave individuals fighting for our country and mourn the ones who have given their lives in the pursuit of liberty and freedom.

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On the Road in Tanzania: Balancing Global Conservation with Local Development

By Kate McLetchie, Executive Director of the African Rainforest Conservancy

Kate is a guest blogger for Earth Day Network from the African Rainforest Conservancy.  She just returned from a trip halfway around the world to the forests of Tanzania. 

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