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Judge Strikes Down NYC Sugary Beverage Restriction

With American obesity rates continuing to reach staggering heights, it’s no surprise that some people are saying “enough is enough” and searching for ways to stem rising obesity rates in both adults and children.

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Women and STEM

“That’s not very lady-like.” While not intentionally offensive, to me that statement implies that there are things that a “lady” should not do. In general, this is referring to social behavior, but in the past it also referred to how women should be earning their livings and contributing to society. In this age, it would not be proper to imply that women are less capable or welcome in any field and yet we are not seeing the equal participation of women in high level roles in business or the Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sectors.

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Official Earth Day 2013 Video

Have you seen the official Earth Day 2013 video yet?

Watch the video and share it with your friends.

Also, don't forget to check out our website and upload a photo to The Face of Climate Change wall! Together we will personalize the massive challenge that climate change presents and help unite people around the globe into a powerful call to action on Earth Day.

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Tell EPA to Regulate Existing Power Plants

Please send a letter to the EPA demanding that they start regulating existing power plants.

Here’s why:

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EDN-India Launches “Bags for Earth” Campaign

Earth Day Network-India just launched its Bags for Earth campaign to help turn old clothes and other discarded cloth items into useful bags and provide a green alternative to plastic bags. The program launch was held in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Calcutta Yuvis at a housing complex in Kolkata.

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Green Schools and Student Health

On February 19th, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it had fined six school districts in Arizona for asbestos violations.  The 25 schools involved were issued fines in excess of $94,000 for not inspecting their schools and failing to have a plan to manage the presence of the toxic minerals. 

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A Great President Would Tackle Climate Change

Denis Hayes, Chairman of the Board of Earth Day Network had a great opinion piece that was featured on yesterday in which he stated that a great president would tackle climate change.

He alluded to President Barack Obama's legacy and how it would be determined. According to Hayes, the issue of climate change will determine whether the president will be remembered as a great president or just a good one.


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Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

Today, exactly two months before Earth Day, Earth Day Network formally announced the global theme for Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change.

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Teaming up with Extreme Ice Survey for Climate Education

Today, Earth Day Network teamed up with Extreme Ice Survey to launch a middle school education initiative designed to engage and mobilize students around climate change. Read More

“Forward on Climate” Rally Sends Right Message at Right Time

In 2010, Earth Day Network organized a massive climate rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., that called for swift, decisive action to stop climate change. But President didn’t listen

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