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Coming down the mountain with a message

High Mountain Institute (HMI) celebrated Earth Day in Leadville, Colorado. Six Waste Warriors from HMI taught conservations lessons to 3rd graders at local public school, Lake County Intermediate. Lessons to the 3rd graders focused on calculating trash generated by the classroom each school year. Students then practiced their multiplication skills to calculate how much trash the entire school creates in that same year. Students were able to realize the massive amount of waste collected over time. They then collaborated with HMI Waste Warriors on ideas to reduce trash in their classroom.

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Earth Day Network Announces 13 Commitments to Audience of 250,000 on the National Mall

On April 18th at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally at the National Mall, world leaders, corporate innovators, and other dignitaries announced critical commitments on stage more than a quarter of a million people to solve climate change.

Thirteen notable commitments announced by Earth Day Network and its partners are outlined below:


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President Obama’s Act of Green: Standing Up for the Everglades

Billions of people around the world took part in Earth Day 2015, the 45th anniversary of the movement. They attended events to fight climate change, they planted trees, they cleaned up parks and streams; each act of green helps make Earth Day the most celebrated civic observance in the world. President Obama recognized the historic occasion by visiting the Florida Everglades to discuss the impacts of climate change on one of America’s most iconic landscapes.

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The Untouched

"The Untouched - A Time-lapse Film" is a project I have been working on, for the past 2 years across different National and State parks in the country. The primary vision of the video is to showcase the untouched beauty of few of our National/State Parks across USA and to create awareness about conserving natural resources of our planet, including preserving our skies.

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Connected for Life: An Earth Day Love Story


Adventure tour husband-wife team revisits their Earth Day roots with Earth Day Network

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Communicating Climate Change, Effectively

What is the most effective way to communicate climate change? That was the central question posed at Communication for Climate Change 2.0, a roundtable discussion featuring clean energy experts, nonprofit leaders and advocates, sociologists and climate scholars. Rachel Kyte, Vice President and special envoy for Climate Change at the World Bank, summed the problem this way, “The world is still telling a story of fright, and threat, and risk.”

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Are You a Biophiliac? The Biological Advantage of Green Compassion

Are you a “biophiliac”? If you’re reading this and happen to be human, you probably are.

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Global Youth Service Day Celebrated Worldwide

YSA (Youth Service America), organizer of Global Youth Service Day, partners with Earth Day each year to encourage young people to participate in environmental volunteer projects. Established in 1988, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities through service.  GYSD is the largest service event in the world and the only one dedicated to the contributions that children and youth make 365 days of the year.

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How Hydrogen May Change the World

It’s no secret: there’s no silver bullet to address climate change. Any solution will draw on a myriad of tools, stakeholders and innovations to minimize our impact on the planet. Some players make an immediate impact and others set in motion a longer revolution.

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