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50 Days till Earth Day!


Just 5 years ago, Earth Day Network rallied over 200,000 people on the National Mall and accumulated more than 40 million acts of green in a single day.  With only 50 days left until our 45th anniversary of Earth Day, we are hard at work towards coordinating our greatest event yet mall. 

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Still Buying Pens?

Pens are something that has been part of our lives since we were kids. We get a pen, we write stuff, it runs out of ink, and it goes in the trash. From offices, to schools, to homes that is the same fate of each and every ballpoint pen. This produces an immense source of waste in the workplace and at home. Not only is it damaging to the environment, as not all of those used pens are properly recycled, it is also not economically efficient. There is a simple solution to this wasteful problem, and that is something we already have, the fountain pen.

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Chemotherapy for the Climate-RFF Reviews Climate Engineering

Can we reverse climate change? If we can’t change our dependence on fossil fuels, perhaps technology affords us another solution; what else can we put in the atmosphere?

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It's not about the jobs, Keystone XL

President Obama used his third Presidential veto on Tuesday to block the passage of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.


Proponents for the TransCanada Corp project claim it would generate upwards of 20,000 jobs while bringing over 830,000 barrels a day of predominately Canadian oil into the U.S.



The issue is, these numbers never held up.

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We’re Blowing These Wolves’ Houses Down

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has asked the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to terminate their Red Wolf Recovery Program. The Wildlife Commission believes that the project is not meeting its goals as many red wolves are encroaching onto private land and mating with coyotes, threatening the restoration of the species.

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JUST RELEASED: Leadership Guide to Earth Day

Make a Difference. Be the Difference

The decisions we make influences every aspect of our world. This Earth Day, be a part of the movement to make our world leaders listen as we rally for the biggest threat to us all: climate change. Stop thinking about getting involved and be proactive by planning an event for Earth Day 2015!

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Fracking is Shaking Things Up in Oklahoma

Oklahomans are noticing a spike in the amount of earthquakes they experience. While Oklahoma has long been aware of its vulnerability to tornadoes, earthquakes have recently become a bigger concern.

According to Oklahoma Geological Survey between the years 1978 and 2000, Oklahoma experienced an average of two noticeable quakes per year. In 2014 there were over 230 reported earthquakes

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My sewage is going where?

Did you ever wonder where your poop actually goes?

Your sewage-sludge, referred to as “biosolids,” is already being used in cement manufacturing, road construction, and even in baseball diamonds. Some scientists are now saying it could also be mixed with soil for emerging green roofs— technology that could help counteract heat island effects that can lead to deadly summer temperatures.

How do green roofs work?

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Breaking the Myth: Is Environmentalism Elitist?

Curiously back in the 1970s, the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science was reluctant to support the environmental cause for being too right-wing. The organization believed the scientist-elite were using their specialized environmental knowledge to rally the common people.

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New Delhi’s Toxic Air is Finally Raising Concern

Climate and pollution issues have held little interest to Indian diplomats in the past. This is changing.


What’s causing all the attention?

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