This Week on Earth

Week In Review – July 8th

As the human species remarkably manages to avoid self-destruction for yet another week, it brings with it many new developments from each corner of the globe. Here is your week in review: Monday: Leaders of the small Pacific island nations of Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau and Tuvalu met on Monday to discuss new strategies for coping with imminent climate change threats and rising sea levels. Tuesday: Pollution and runoff from farms and factories in Lake Okeechobee combined with warmer temperatures caused the rapid growth of the thick and putrid smelling Blue Green Algae in Florida, which has now declared a state of emergency.


Wednesday: Researchers in Uganda have discovered an incredible and effective new way to stop deforestation: paying landowners to not destroy trees and leave the forests as is.

Thursday: The waterfront property of renowned demagogue and climate change denier Donald J. Trump is at risk of rising sea levels. Water is creeping up on beaches and access roads at his property in Palm Beach, Florida.


Big Story: As the result of climate change, Antarctica could lose most of its native Penguins. WIR784