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EARTHDAY.ORG Statement on hostilities in Ukraine

As events unfold in Ukraine, everyone at EARTHDAY.ORG would like our partners and supporters in that country to know that we are deeply concerned and thinking of everyone in these perilous times. 

As an organization we’ve always held a special place in our hearts for the people of Ukraine. In 2005, right after the Orange Revolution, our flagship international event that year took place in the center of Kiev, Ukraine and attracted a crowd of some 150,000 throughout the day on April 23rd. The “Green Revolution Meets Orange Revolution” event harnessed the energy of the country’s nascent democracy movement and was celebrated by people all over Ukraine.  It was an amazing time for both democracy and the environment, and over the years we have seen this movement grow, not without challenges like the rest of us, but we are very proud of the progress that has been made.

The event empowered many Ukrainian NGOs, including nascent environmental groups and Chernobyl survivors—allowing them to express their concerns about environmental issues and reach a broad range of their fellow citizens. The event also launched a campaign aimed at passing legislation to deal with the country’s serious solid waste disposal issues.

As Ukrainians face one of the most serious threats in recent history to their nation’s existence and way of life, it is our hope that we can come together to resolve this crisis in a peaceful manner and continue to work with everyone to protect our planet and our people.