This Week on Earth

Week In Review August 5th

August 1stNew research has found some bacteria in Southern Ocean sea ice can produce methylmercury, a more dangerous form of mercury. This neurotoxin contaminates the food web, and when ingested can cause developmental and physical problems in infants and children. August 2nd – On Tuesday, the Council on Environmental Quality finalized a six-year plan of shaping how all government agencies will factor climate change into their decisions. This policy emphasizes the administration’s commitment to fighting climate change. August 2nd – In India, a vulnerable indigenous tribal group and endangered big cats struggle to coexist in the same area. The Baiga people are suppose to be protected by the government, but in some cases take second place to tiger conservation efforts. August 3rd – Numerous records were broken in 2015 in regards to environmental issues. Global temperatures, greenhouse gas levels, and ocean temperatures all hit new highs, while Arctic sea ice was at a historic low during its winter peak season. WIR02 August 4th“1.5C: The record we must not break” a new environmental campaign is being supported by some of the athletes competing in the 2016 Olympics in light of the environmental issues involving Rio. This campaign is aimed at the world to remind everyone of the importance of working together to combat climate change. WIR03 August 5thFor the first time there are studies being conducted on the practical applications of fire tornadoes. In the process, researchers discover a fire tornado they call the “blue whirl” that could be essential to cutting carbon emissions and oil spill clean up.