Climate Action

National Campaign mobilizes partners and volunteers to restore our earth

As Earth Day is just 22 days away, EARTHDAY.ORG is working on expanding outreach through its National Campaign. The National Campaign works year-round to promote Earth Day, the world’s largest environmental movement. On April 22nd, 1970, the first Earth Day mobilized around 20 million people to demand environmental action. Today, more than one billion people in 192 countries participate in each Earth Day to build environmental democracy and advocate for sustainability.

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth, which focuses on restoring the world’s ecosystems through natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking. This year, we are also supporting local communities and areas that are disproportionately affected by environmental issues.

To gear up for Earth Day, the National Campaign is collaborating with faith groups, green cities, environmental justice groups, federal agencies and nonprofits to raise awareness and gain support all over the world. These groups are particularly important when it comes to expanding and empowering the environmental movement.

Faith groups

Faith groups especially understand that nature must be treated as a sacred part of our world, and are in a unique position to direct positive change within communities because of the strong connections formed within faith organizations, their members and their community.  We are requesting short 30-second to one-minute videos from Faith Leaders about what they are doing to combat climate change, Restore Our Earth and support climate literacy in their communities. Submit your Faith Leader video here.

Green cities

Government officials around the world have also partnered with EARTHDAY.ORG’s Green Cities campaign to create a partnership and a platform for climate action. The Global Day of Conversation toolkit provides all the necessary information and resources to help green cities participate this Earth Day. Specifically, Green Cities and government official leaders can participate in Earth Day 2021 by submitting short one to two-minute videos from government officials about what they are doing to combat climate change and support climate literacy in their Green Cities. These videos may be incorporated into our Earth Day Live event and social media on and leading up to Earth Day 2021. Submit your Green Cities video here.


Volunteers are what make Earth Day so impactful! If you missed our Volunteer Workshop (including a special message from Earth Day founder Denis Hayes), see it here. Get a rundown of all the resources and opportunities to volunteer this Earth Day and hear from our program experts about the Restore Our Earth campaigns.

Be part of the snapshot for Earth Day. This opportunity is open to everyone: Record a 30-second video discussing your thoughts on how to reach a sustainable future, for possible inclusion in a compilation video that will be featured during our live Earth Day broadcast. Submit your Earth Day video here.

Partner and register your events

If you are part of an organization and looking to plan an event for Earth Day, you can also partner with us. We want to highlight your organization’s work to fight climate change and build climate literacy. As a partner, you will also be able to attend weekly partnership calls to strategize and brainstorm about Earth Day events and initiatives with the National Campaign. These partnerships will help to help build cohesion among groups working for the common purpose of protecting our planet and Restoring Our Earth. Register your event for Earth Day on our map to share your actions with the world!

Earth Day isn’t just a day, it’s a movement. Join us to Restore Our Earth 365 days a year.