This Week on Earth

EDN Week in Review: Environmental News Stories for Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Climate Change: The globe is still heating up, as we experience more extreme weather, while a gigantic cavity was discovered in a shrinking glacier in Antarctica.

The President once again revealed his ignorance about climate change with a tweet about the polar vortex. We’ve rounded up the best responses about why we are experiencing global warming and cold, extreme weather. While record-breaking heat scorched Australia, clean power proved to be reliable once again.

Species Protection: Signs of hope for Monarch butterflies, but more threats for North Atlantic right whales and starfish.

Plastic Pollution: More studies are showing microplastics in our water, while more companies are taking bold steps to reduce plastic waste.

Once again: We need an environmental protection agency that does actually protects us, and leaders who take climate change and environmental challenges seriously.

Image source: NASA