Climate Action

COP27 is a Golden Moment for Middle East and North Africa to Confront Climate Crisis

November 6-18, Egypt will host the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. As an African and Middle Eastern country, Egypt has such a unique opportunity to be able to influence the agenda items and bring more focus not only to Africa’s climate adaptation needs but for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as a whole. EARTHDAY.ORG will be discussing regional focused topics ranging from mitigation, adaptation, and finance to collaboration at the Climate Education Hub. COP27 sets the main items to discuss global climate disruption.

The world is on track to be 1.8 – 2.4 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures by the end of the century. Following the mixed outcomes of COP26 in Glasgow, global environmentalists are heavily relying on this year’s COP to produce tangible emissions-cutting and real game-changing measures that climate risks desperately demand.  

MENA Focused

With COP27 in Egypt and COP28 planned for the United Arab Emirates in 2023, this is a golden moment for the countries of the MENA region to connect climate action to broader economic and security priorities. Policy makers must take full advantage of the first of two consecutive COPs in the region to discuss with international alliances all possibilities of cooperation. Given the facts that MENA is one of most vulnerable regions affected by heat waves, rising sea levels, and sand storms, there is no time left to leave off solutions on the shelf.  


EARTHDAY.ORG has continued to step up as a leader in the global collaboration to alleviate the climate crisis. Along with leading the global Earth Day, EARTHDAY.ORG  realizes that one of the key solutions in advancing the environmental movement is Climate education and Environmental Literacy. “International solidarity to facilitate the development of environmental curricula in all schools is a must,” said Saadia F. Hassoon, President of Together to Protect Human & the Environment Association (Together), and partner of EARTHDAY.ORG in the Middle East.  

Since 1970, EDO has supported dozens of partners including NGOs, universities, teachers and governments through technical resources and curriculums. To speed accelerating solutions to climate change, EARTHDAY.ORG will host the first ever Climate Education Hub at COP27. The hub aims to create a platform for educators, students, NGOs, and stakeholders to negotiate and share ideas leading to practical resolutions of the global climate crisis.