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What Earth Day is Doing About Climate Change

From climate education to engaging local leaders, and tree-planting to renewable energy installations.

Climate Education Program

Each year, Earth Day Network publishes a Climate Education toolkit for parents and educators to prepare the next generation of environmental leaders to prepare us for a healthy and more sustainable future.

Foodprints for the Future

Earth Day Network is tackling one of the largest contributors to climate change head on through its Foodprints for the Future campaign. Animal agriculture and food waste account for a round a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions and EDN works to educate the public about ways to fight climate change through our plates.

Tree Planting Programs

Earth Day Network plants trees across the globe:

  • With our Urban Tree Canopy Project, we plant trees to save energy and provide comfort and cooling benefits
  • With our Reforestation Program, we plant trees in natural places that have been depleted to improve the environment and increase carbon sequestration.

Climate Leadership Gala

Each year, Earth Day Network honors leaders taking on the climate challenge with our Climate Leadership Gala. More…

Earth Day India

Headquartered in Kolkata, Earth Day India‘s work is centered around engaging partners, reaching out to civic leaders, and building bridges to the environmental movement across hundreds of local communities. EDN India is vital to our overall mission to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide. More…

Billion Acts of Green

Earth Day Network is mobilizing citizens to make earth-friendly choices that include actions to lower our carbon footprint with our ongoing Billion Acts of Green campaign.


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