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Earth Day Network Campaigns

Earth Day Network works year-round on projects, programs, and campaigns that support environmental conservation, environmental protection, climate activism and advocacy, and advancing the green economy. Our education work focuses on efforts to green schools — from energy efficiency upgrades to improving school food — and supporting educators with resources to teach and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. Our conservation and greening efforts include planting trees to reforest environmentally critical areas of the globe and increase the urban tree canopy, and protecting clean air and water. Our advocacy efforts focus on engaging local leaders and global citizens of all ages and from all walks of life with campaigns: to end plastic pollution, to protect our species, to act on climate and advance clean energy, and more.

All Campaigns

Earth Day Network’s campaigns include global efforts to plant trees, end plastic pollution, fight climate change, save species, green schools and communities, and mobilize people, communities, businesses, and elected leaders to create a greener, more sustainable future.

Earth Challenge 2020

Earth Challenge 2020 will help fulfill our goal of engaging millions of global citizens.

Earth Day Network Campaign: End Plastic Pollution

Together we can work together to end plastic pollution!

Artists for the Earth™

Harnessing the Power of Art for the Earth.

Reforestation Projects Map

See where Earth Day Network has planted trees across the globe.

Global Environmental and Climate Literacy

Our Commitment to Students by Earth Day 2020.

MobilizeU for Higher Education

Bringing the environmental movement to college campuses.

Athletes for the Earth®

We call on athletes to act as ambassadors for the planet in the fight against climate change.

Global Day of Conversation

Communities and Local Governments Engaging to End Plastic Pollution.

Green Ribbon Schools

Department of Education’s first award for greening public and private schools.

National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week October 15–19, 2018.

iTextbook: The Story of Climate Change

The first of its kind, interactive digital textbook for middle school students.

Climate Education Resources

Lessons for Climate Education Week (and Every Week!).

Registering Millions of Climate Voters

Take action by organizing and mobilizing the vote.

Faith & the Environment

Guides and Resources for Communities of Faith.