The Great Green Resolution

The Great Green Resolution

During the month of January, EARTHDAY.ORG hosts a competition with their employees to see who can use the least amount of single-use plastic throughout the month. The amount of single-use plastic is seen below and will be tracked throughout the month.

Rules of the Competition

The competition counts the amount of single-use plastic someone uses and disposes of. At the end of each day, the number of single-use plastic is counted and added to their daily totals.

A single piece is defined as:

  • Single-use plastic material is then disposed of after use. 
  • A container is equal to one piece despite the possibility of it having multiple removable pieces. Meaning, a water bottle counts as one piece even though it technically has 3 including bottle, cap, and wrapper. 
  • If it is plastic and meant to be disposed of after use it counts as a piece. 

A competitor can take a piece and repurpose it to have multiple uses. If so, they don’t have to count that piece to their daily total. That being said, Recycling DOES NOT cancel a single-use plastic. 

The competition begins on January 1st once the participant has awoken from the shenanigans the night before. 

The competition ends at Midnight on February 1st local time.

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