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Join Baker McKenzie this April by helping plant trees with The Canopy Project and taking part in the Great Global Cleanup!

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet” – focusing on the importance of collaborating in a partnership for the planet. During the month of April, we are teaming up with EARTHDAY.ORG to show what impact our community of more than 13,000 global citizens, working together – globally and locally – can have on a common purpose.

Thank you for your participation – we look forward to hearing about your Earth Day 2022 stories!

Virtual Tree Planting

We have already planted one tree on behalf of each person in the Firm — but let’s not stop there!  You can help double our impact, and we can meet our target of planting more than 25,000 trees this Earth Day 2022 if everyone across the Firm plants one tree!

Great Global Cleanup

We invite all offices and centers to participate in the Great Global Cleanup, a worldwide campaign to remove trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks – reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife and humans.

Get Your Cleanup Started!

  • Look out for further communication from your local office or center on whether there is a cleanup for you to join.
  • Alternatively, you can create your own cleanup with friends, family, your team – or anyone you wish!
  • Follow the Great Global Cleanup Safety Checklist before you begin.
  • This page will track all of our cleanups – wherever they take place in the world.
  • If you participate in an office or center-organized cleanup, the lead organizer will report the cleanup once it has taken place, using the form below.
  • If you create your own cleanup, please have one person in the team report your cleanup once it has taken place, using the form below.
  • There are public cleanups organized in some cities where we have an office or center; you can also join these cleanups, which are open to anyone. You can find a cleanup here; please report if you participate in a public cleanup by completing the form below.

Fast Facts about Global Waste


Premature deaths annually caused by uncontrolled burning of household waste.


People live without any waste collection services.


Of all plastics ever produced have accumulated in the natural environment or landfills.

Find out more ways to get involved with EARTHDAY.ORG!