Women and Girls Leadership

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Supporting the rise of women in the environmental movement

In developing counties, women and girls are often first to feel the effects of climate-related challenges: economic stress, homelessness, disease, malnutrition and more. That said, men continue to dominate governance systems and maintain decision-making power and authority.

But change is happening.

As a global NGO, Earth Day Network is focused on environmental issues all around the world, and we believe that by giving rise to women and girls in local communities, entire communities have the power to make more effective decisions, and be better able to cope during times of crisis and disaster.

We believe…

  • Women are untapped agents of change and a powerful resource in the battle against climate change;
  • Women leaders drive community self-sufficiency and enhance the overall resilience of their constituencies;
  • Women bring fresh ideas to the table — ideas that will safeguard natural environments and communities.

In the US, India and around the world, Earth Day Network is working to empower more and more women in the movement. Join us.

Learn about our women’s leadership program in India.


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