Women and the Green Economy (WAGE)

Promoting Women’s Leadership in Creating a Sustainable Future

Earth Day Network’s Women and the Green Economy (WAGE®) campaign promotes women’s leadership in designing and advancing the green economy.

The campaign was born out of out of one overarching reality: the scarcity of women players in bodies that govern and shape our economy, specifically in approaching global solutions to climate change.

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WAGE® News & Recent Events

Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) Launches Energy 2030 On The Road Campaign


Kateri Callahan, Global Advisory Committee member and President of the Alliance to Save Energy has launched their Energy 2030 On The Road Campaign at the International Efficiency Forum. Energy 2030 seeks to galvanize action at the federal, state, and local levels of government, as well as in the private sector, by engaging stakeholders in a national, shared commitment to doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030.

“Energy 2030 On the Road is an education and awareness building campaign – but most of all it is an action campaign.  To achieve the goal of doubling our nation’s energy productivity we must galvanize action at all levels of government, in businesses large and small, and in homes across the country,” said Alliance President Kateri Callahan.

Ambassador Melanne Verveer accepts 2013 WAGE® Leadership Award

http://i.imgur.com/CQq8QwX.pngAmbassador Melanne Verveer, the first Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues in the Obama Administration and currentlyExecutive Director of the Georgetown University Institute for Women, Peace and Security, accepted the 2013 Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) Leadership award at the Climate Leadership Gala on May 22nd at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of the UN Foundation , presented the award on behalf of Earth Day Network to Ambassador Verveer.

Ambassador Verveer has been a tireless and longstanding advocate for women’s leadership.  In her acceptance speech Ambassador Verveer commented,

 "I don’t come before you tonight with any easy solutions, but there is one thing I know for certain, we will not address these challenges or solve them without unlocking a vital source of environmental leadership and action for decades to come, and that is unleashing the potential of half the world’s population: women and girls  . . .  Wangari Maathai epitomized women’s leadership on the environment and she reminded us that ‘we must find opportunities to make change happen – we must not tire, must not give up, we must persist.’ That admonition is even more important for all of us today. We have a full menu of challenges. If we are going to save our fragile planet and enable the people of the world to prosper in a way that safeguards the environment we need nothing else than collective action around the globe. Women are on the frontlines of change everywhere. By tapping their political and economic potential, we will enable them to create a greener, more sustainable future for all."

Earth Day Network is honored to have Ambassador Verveer as our 2013 WAGE Leadership Award winner. Prior WAGE Leadership Award winners include USEPA Administrator Lisa Jacks

EDN Welcomes new WAGE® Global Advisory Committee members

Earth Day Network and the Women and the Green Economy (WAGE®) Global Advisory Campaign are excited to announce the newest additions to the WAGE Global Advisory Committee, Michelle Clayman and Her Royal Highness Princess Basmah Bint Saud.

Michelle Clayman is currently the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of New Amsterdam Partners, LLC, an institutional money management firm In New York. In addition to her success  in the investment community, she founded and now serves as Chair of the  Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University.

Her Royal Highness Princess Basmah is a humanitarian for women’s issues. Her passion for the empowerment and advancement of women  inspires women around the globe. The granddaughter of King Abulaziz of Saudi Arabia, H.R.H Princess Basmah has taken an active role in promoting peace and communication around the goal of a better future. She promotes women’s issues everywhere she speaks and is working on utilizing new forms of media to promote women’s issues.

Welcome Michelle Clayman and H.R.H. Princess Basmah Bint Saud.

Dr. Kristina Johnson Receives The Washington Award

Dr. Kristina Johnson was recently selected to receive the prestigious Washington Award for her contribution to Energy Policy and Innovation.

The Washington Award is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious engineering awards first presented in 1919. Other recipients include Orville Wright (1927), Henry Ford (1944), Neil Armstrong (1980), Robert Galvin (1984), Gene Cernan (2003), Dean Kamen (2008), and most recently, Martin Cooper who is credited with inventing the cell phone.

Dr. Johnson is the 100th recipient of the Washington Award which was be given on February 21, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

EDN President Kathleen Rogers named special advisor to Clinton Global Initiative

In 2013, the Clinton Global Initiative selected Kathleen Rogers to be an advisor for their Girls and Women program. In this capacity, she informs and develops CGI’s Built Environment, Environmental Stewardship, and Girls and Women Tracks and serves as a media representative for the work of CGI members.

WAGE® Interviews From Rio +20

TED Talk

Georgetown Law Prof. Vicki Arroyo on Climate Change Preparedness

WAGE® Advisory Committee Member Hunter Lovins Receives Rachel Carson Award

The National Audubon Society recently presented Hunter Lovins with the prestigious Rachel Carson Award. Lovins is a member of the WAGE Global Advisory Committee. The Rachel Carson Award honors visionary women whose dedication, talent and energy have advanced environmental educational around the world.

In addition, Lovins will receive the Women In Green Forum Trailblazer Award and Care2 Impact Award at the upcoming Women In Green Forum on to be held in Santa Monica August 28-29, 2012.

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Women Leaders Gather in Rio to Develop Green Economy Proposals, Influence UN Conference

Description: http://i.imgur.com/gx8Ct.jpgWhile world governments struggled to make progress on global sustainability issues at Rio+20, women leaders from business, civil society and governments met in Rio de Janeiro to develop a concrete set of recommendations for fast-forwarding women’s leadership in the green economy.
Earth Day Network, in partnership with the UN Foundation, hosted the event on Saturday, June 16, 2012. The event was sponsored by PwC and builds on more than two years of regional consultations in cities around the world, including Delhi, San Francisco, Sydney, New York, Cancun and Boston.

Read about the event and the policy recommendations here, and see the coverage in Women’s eNews.

2012 WAGE® Leadership Award Presented to Connie Hedegaard

Earth Day Network honored Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, with the 2012 Women and the Green Economy (WAGE®) Leadership Award. The award was presented at the third annual Climate Leadership Gala on March 27 in Washington, D.C.

“Connie Hedegaard exemplifies what the WAGE Leadership Award is all about,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network.  “Most recently, she was the hero of the climate talks in Durban, getting the United States, India and China to accept a legally binding agreement to cut carbon emissions, but she has a long history of trailblazing for women in the green economy.”

Appointed in 2010, Hedegaard is the European Union’s first ever Commissioner for Climate Action. Previously, she was Danish Minister for the Environment. In that capacity, she was in charge of setting up the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy where one of the main tasks was to prepare the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. Hedegaard’s political career began in 1984 when, at the age of 23, she became the youngest person ever elected to the Danish Parliament. She chose to leave politics for journalism in 1990 and spent 14 years as one of the most recognized journalists in Denmark. She is the author of Da klimaet blev hot (When the Climate Got Hot) published in 2008.

“I am honored to have been chosen for this award,” said Hedegaard. “It’s vital that we encourage women’s full participation in the planning and leadership of the new green economy, one the most important social, economic and environmental transformation of our time. We need to continue to support women to be innovative, creative and resilient in a climate-constrained world as we strive to ensure equitable solutions to the climate problem''

The 2011 WAGE Leadership Award was presented to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

WAGE® Forum in Delhi: Feb. 1, 2012

Earth Day Network, in partnership with The Energy Resources Institute (TERI), hosted a day-long Women and the Green Economy (WAGE®) forum in Delhi, India, on February 1, 2012. The forum was held as a special event to the 12th annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, which brings together government, civil society and corporate leaders from around the globe. Fifty of the most influential women in business, media and civil society came together today to increase the participation and leadership of women in India and key countries of South Asia in the design and implementation of the post-carbon economy.

The goal of the forum is to begin developing a strong, cohesive set of policy proposals to achieve a green economy.  The proposals will be presented to the Government of India and to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Secretariat. They will then be disseminated to the United Nations, the U.N. Foundation, the U.S. and other state departments, as well as directly into the RIO+20 process, where Earth Day Network holds a seat on the Women’s Steering Committee for the Women’s Major Group.

Check out the press release here, and see the list of participants here.

At the WAGE forum in Delhi, India, on Feb. 1, 2012, Earth Day commended the following women for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the planet and humankind:

  1. Ms. Chandra Kala, Director, Chattarsal Seva Sansthan

    For close to a decade, Ms. Chauhan has worked tirelessly to help local communities minimize their dependence on forest resources and build awareness about the need to shift from fossil fuels to other energy sources.  Her work, which began in five villages of Almora District of Uttaranchal, has today expanded to benefit an additional 500 women in 25 neighboring villages.  Ms. Chauhan leads Chattarasal’s GEF/UNDP Small Grants Program supported project on “The Promotion of Community-led approaches towards Non-Conventional Energy Resources.”

  2. Ms. Anita Rana, Director, Janhit Foundation
    Ms. Rana has relentlessly worked to reduce the use of Persistent Organic Pollutants through the promotion of bio pesticides and organic manures in the highly inorganic fertilizer-use areas of Western Uttar Pradesh.  Ms. Rana has also helped set up rain water harvesting units.  She is recognized for the environmental education programs she conducts for youth.  These have nurtured greater environmental consciousness and a sense to do something for the environment among youth. Ms. Rana’s endeavours have grown manifold, as have the results.  One example is the establishment of the first (and only) organic food ingredients outlet in Meerut city. Ms. Rana’s work is supported by the GEF/UNDP Small Grants Program.
  3. Ms. Rekha Gujre, Secretary, Pradeepan
    Pradeepan is an NGO that works in 130 villages in tribal areas of Betul District of Madhya Pradesh.  With support from the GEF /UNDP Small Grants Program through CEE, Ms. Gujre has helped over 2,500 women implement simple, low-cost measures to conserve soil and water, and the local biodiversity, and at the same time create business models for livelihood enhancement.  Her successes include help with setting up Self Help Groups, so that there is a concerted effort to work for the environment, and assisting women connect with banks for credit for their environmental projects.  Ms. Gujre has worked to ensure that environment-related issues are placed on agendas of Panchayats (local government).
  4. Ms. Beguma, Volunteer, Jagriti
    Jagriti is a women-centered NGO that works in remote areas of Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.  Many of these areas are not accessible by any roads.  But that has not deterred Ms. Beguma visiting them time and again.  In these lesser-developed areas, Ms, Beguma has worked relentlessly to bring women together to lobby for environmental concerns.  With support from the GEF UNDP Small Grants Program through CEE, Ms. Beguma has helped 1,500 women introduce simple technologies that mitigate climate change.  These include: solar driers, energy efficient water heaters, and energy efficient cook stoves.  Ms. Beguma also helps in the conservation and protection of high altitude species of medicinal plants and local species of fruit.  She has actively worked for gender budgeting.

We would like to thank Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Development Program Small Grant’s Program, anchored through Centre for Environment Education, for making it possible for all the honorees to be present at the forum.

Photo Courtesy of Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting September 20-23: 2011

Kathleen Rogers moderated a session at CGI entited, Women as Agents in Driving Climate and Environmental Solutions.

CGI recognized that women play an increasingly significant role in propelling environmental protection and restoration efforts and combating climate change. The session explored best practices that engage women to confront climate and environmental issues, including technological and traditional solutions. Members discussed the role of women in restoration efforts, forestry, agricultural and agroforestry innovation, repair and maintenance of technologies, and leadership in technological innovation. Jane Madgwick, Chief Executive Officer of Wetlands International and Sarah Otterstrom and Executive Director, Paso Pacifico also participated in the panel.

At the Clinton Global Initiative, Earth Day Network was also recognized for its A Billion Act of Green® commitment. "The commitment was selected from a larger pool of member commitments as an exemplary approach to addressing challenges in Environment & Energy.” - CGI

Yang Lan presides over APEC Women and Economy Summit 2011

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): September 15, 2011

Kathleen Rogers spoke at the Women and the Economy Summit in San Francisco on the September 15 at the session: “The Future of Women and the Sustainable Economy.” APEC is made up of 21 Asia-Pacific member countries.  

"Women are key to all economies, are agents of economic growth, and can be mobilized to create greater economic good. This program will feature high-level policy leaders who will highlight the importance of furthering women’s participation in the economy as an economic growth strategy."
- APEC USA 2011

President of the Earth Day Network, Kathleen Rogers; Senior Vice President of Earth Day Network, Susan Bass; EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson; Actress and Activist Bo Derek.

WAGE® Award: May 3, 2011

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson was presented with the Women and the Green Economy 2011 Leadership Award by Earth Day Network for her leadership in bridging the environmental movement and the political and economic spheres of influence to lay the foundation for a green economy for all Americans.

Admired for her tenacity under fire and proven perseverance, Ms. Jackson accepted the award, emphasizing that “women have a special role to play….in taking care of the next generation.” Ms. Jackson continued, “Sometimes we have to remind people why the economy is green. Yes, it will break our dependence on foreign oil. . . but it will also keep us healthy…Tens of thousands of premature deaths avoided every year. Hundreds of thousands of cases of asthma and bronchitis avoided each and every year. Forty dollars of health benefits for every dollar we spend to protect our clean air. It’s really simple folks. It’s good economics and very, very good preventive medicine.”

Kathleen Rogers; USAID's Global Climate Change Coordinator, Kit Batten; Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero; Vice President, Greening is Universal/Sustainability at NBC Universal, Beth Colleton.

WAGE® at the State Department: April 26, 2011

Participants in the Earth Day Speaker Event "Women and the Green Economy" included: President of the Earth Day Network, Kathleen Rogers; USAID's Global Climate Change Coordinator, Kit Batten; Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero; Vice President, Greening is Universal/Sustainability at NBC Universal, Beth Colleton.

“Earth Day Network is thrilled that leaders around the world have chosen Earth Day as a time to focus their communities on how they can all benefit from growing a green economy, " said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network, "They realize that preserving the environment presents opportunities for innovation and investment that can grow new, high-quality jobs."

Marina Grossi, Executive President, Business Council for Sustainable Development of Brazil


At the World Climate Summit, over 800 hundred of the top business leaders from around the globe convened including Sir Richard Branson and Ted Turner. The WAGE® panel featured:

  • Marina Grossi, Executive President, Business Council for Sustainable Development of Brazil
  • Martha Duggan, Vice President, Government Relations, United Solar Ovonic; 2010 Chair, Solar Alliance; and Board Member, Coalition for Green Capital;
  • Sarah Severn, Director of Horizons, Corporate Responsibility, Nike Inc.;
  • Mari Snyder, Vice President, Social Responsibility & Community Engagement for Marriott International, Inc.;
  • Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association
  • Tania Esparza, Managing Director, Iniciativa México


WAGE® Global Advisory Committee: 

  •   Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, President and Founder, Interfaith Power and Light
  •   Denise Bode, Principal, Cornerstone Government Affairs
  •   Kateri Callahan, President, Alliance to Save Energy
  •   Aimee Christensen, Founder and CEO, Christensen Global Strategies
  •   Michelle Clayman, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, New Amsterdam Partners
  •   Martha Delgado Peralta, General Director, Global Cities Covenant on Climate Secretariat
  •   Martha Duggan, Managing Director, Coalition for Green Capital
  •   Maria Fernanda Garza, Vicepresidente, International Chamber of Commerce, Mexico
  •   Marina Grossi, Executive President, Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development
  •   Harish Hande, Co-founder, SELCO India
  •   Dr. Pamela Hartigan, Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford
  •   Jane Henley, CEO, World Green Building Council
  •   Kristina Johnson, CEO, Enduring Hydro and former Under Secretary, US Department of Energy
  •   Donna Karan, Founder, DKNY
  •   Erika Karp, CEO, Cornerstone Capital, Inc.
  •   Linda Katehi, Chancellor, University of California, Davis
  •   Margery Kraus, Founder and CEO, APCO Worldwide
  •   Rachel Kyte, Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, World Bank
  •   Katrina Landis, Executive Vice President for Corporate Business Activities, BP
  •   Elizabeth Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  •   Joan Larrea, Managing Director, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  •   Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capital Solutions
  •   Mindy Lubber, President, CERES
  •   Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman and Managing Director, Biocon Ltd.
  •   Jean Oelwang, CEO, Virgin Unite
  •   Charlotte Pera, CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation
  •   Rebecca Ranich, Company Director, Questar Corp.
  •   Sally Ranney, President, eraGlobal Alliance and Co-Director, International Women’s Earth & Climate Initiative
  •   Lisa Renstrom, Co-Director, Divest-Invest Individual and Environmental Activist
  •   Stephanie Rico, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo
  •   Kim Samuel-Johnson, President of The Samuel Family Foundation
  •   Shannon Schuyler, Principal, Corporate Responsibility Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  •   Dr. Paula Stern, Ph.D., Founder and Chair, The Stern Group, Inc.
  •   Vanessa E-H Stewart, COO, Co-Founder, Soltage
  •   Dr. Lise Van Susteren, Forensic Psychiatrist and Environmental Activist
  •   Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-Director, Yale Forum on Religion & Ecology, Yale University
  •   Mary Wenzel, Director of Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo
  •   Denice Zeck, Executive Director, American Forum
  •   Audrey Zibelman, Chair, New York State Public Service Commission